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When faced with adversity, our love, resilience, and sanity are tested to their limits. Distractions of life's obstacles can easily hold back even the most focused among us. Failure can deter even the most strong willed. Setbacks can force one to forfeit and forget why they even did it in the first place. Of course, different challenges have different solutions. But how does one weather a storm? How does one forgive? What inspires one to strive for greatness under all doubt and scrutiny? What is it that gives one the strength to rise and overcome?

I've taken massive L's before. But a year ago the world around me crumbled enough that I needed to reexamine my life. As I questioned whether music was still a priority, I began to realize that quitting on what I loved was the easy way out. The real challenge was for me to remain loyal to who I was, all that I loved, and what I believed in. Funny how contemplating leaving the game forever sparked what eventually would become this album.

This was created when I realized I had nothing else. This was my growth as a human being. This is my progression into the next chapter. This is the final product of me saying fuck all the bullshit. This is LOYALTY.


released November 19, 2013

Executive Producer: MOOSE
Mixed by: MOOSE in Las Vegas, NV
Mastered by: Marion Write
Album Photography: Tamoi


all rights reserved



MOOSE Nevada

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Track Name: Happy Endings [prod. by MOOSE]
You talking bout dreams man we already living it
It’s a love hate thing but we already living it
It’s all the same thing, we already living it
We living in the future cause we already living it
You talking bout dreams man we already living it
It’s a love hate thing but we already living it
It’s an everyday thing, we already living it
We living in the future cause we already living it

[Verse 1]
See, all of this shit is just part a percentage
We just part of something bigger that’s beyond of what we witnessing
Gotta go hard to spark your car, rev ya engine
Or you could stall with zero dollars just to fill the bitch
Gotta eat, pay the rent, pay the water bill
I don’t got a lot, I just got my wad of scrill
I don’t blow my guap, copping bruh I gots to chill
Cause I ain’t wake up in Bugatti’s nor I got a mil
Don’t got a model chick, but bet my bitch she down as hell
And when I’m bout it man she down to let me cop a feel
Forget a molly, Plan B if she pop a pill
Cause in the morn, I be ghost like I’m Copperfield
Ain’t it about a bitch grown men acting like a bottom bitch
I throw a two and three up, they biting our shit
Nobody paying no attention to you novices
I see the shit clear, I ain’t been to an optometrist
I be versatile with it
Every game I’m a triple double night with it
Fake ass Wayfarers got my eyes tinted
But bet they fucking realer than you biting ass bitches
I ain’t tripping, imitation is flattery
Battery empower me to be performing savagely
To ravage these laughable, silly young punks
Looking so daft to me, looking like trash indeed
Looking like casualties
2NAIC3 love and peace the family
The only ones who believed in drafting me
The F for franchise, only way it has to be
I ain’t tryna blow up, I don’t wanna rap
I’m a navy seal pulling to Abbottobad
Tryna find my target, I’m finna pop his ass
Send thewhole game packing in body bag

Talking bout dreams man we already living it
It’s a love hate thing but we already living it
It’s an everyday thing, we already livi ng it
already living it

[Verse 2]
Everybody die, no one makes it out alive
No one survives to see an ending they will like
I’m chilling out tonight, fuck waiting for the aftermath
Shit I’m just happy that I’m living alright
Just a microphone fiend, steady gripping this mic
Think it’s a pipe, somebody need to give me the light
Ain’t no happy endings we just paying our tithe
Borrow time, then we give it back the end of the night
I’m Bob Dylan like when they test m y civil rights
Blowing in the wind, high as a motherfucking kite
Light pineapple express
My focused needed focused, so don’t mind me if I stress
Born in this third world country
With all my fellow people still third world hungry
I’m tryna get this first world money
The only thing they can’t take from me
Is I’m smart enough to work hard enough knowing ain’t nothing given to me
Hear the rumble in stomach, hunger in my voice
Every underdog ever ain’t never had a choice
So regardless how great, with my back against a wall
I break that bitch down, watch they whole dynasty fall
Master my universe and binary stars
What the hell you thought I ain’t tryna ball
Getting it regardless, hitting em with the hardest
Finna find my target, and finish what I started
Can’t kick it in the kitchen, I be fixing up plates
Cooking buffets, so the whole fam stuffing their face
We hungry from hustling 25/8
So we celebrate like the last the supper every day
Track Name: Loyalty feat. Kyra [prod. by MOOSE]
[PreHook 1]
Gotta keep it stacking
Mind be on them Franklins
Thoughts about pulling out the game
She telling me put it back in
Gotta keep attacking
Thoughts about pulling out the game
She telling me put it back in

Gotta keep it stacking
Mind be on them Franklins
Thoughts about pulling out the game
She telling me put it back in
Gotta keep attacking
Thoughts about pulling out the game
Man I better put it back in

[Kyra Chorus]
It was love at first sight… love at first sight
It was love at first sight… love at first sight

[Verse 1]
Man I’m so sick of rap, but I could never let it go
Studying this map with this Hubble space telescope
Another surface scratched another level close
Nothing close to whack guaranteed to ever show
Go and tell a friend if you think we hella dope
And If we in your city call some hoes we‘ll hella smoke
Pedal flows and productions at whatever dose
Nat King Cole, but close unforgettable
Turn up the decibel to something unconventional
Let em know, with NSA surveillance every 24
Let these federal agents hear my shit when you play it
Every cadence, every single statement that I ever wrote
Tryna be professional, thinking twice just to talk shit
Whatever life throws fuck it I’ll Randy Moss it
First ranked offense, this is my tunay na boses
Glad this here mic’d up to record this
Hope these speakers EQ’d right, the volume TU’d like
Some slimmies sipping gin and juice all night
Just a chemist out here chef’ing work like Walt White
So when my clock expire my kin folks they alright

[PreHook 2]
Gotta keep it moving, cause this shit that I’m doing
I don’t have any clue with how the hell I’m posed to do it
Nothing for me to prove though, this is just what I do
Hope you understand it even after that I’m through


[Kyra Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Gotta make em clap, make it rain with all em dollar bills
Money trees the perfect shade guess that’s just how I feel
Real shit K-Dot ain’t lied, Jay Rock bodied that verse
Made me hit the lab to step up my body of work
While everybody out here tripping that Miley could twerk
I’m plotting to murk everybody’s body of work
While everybody responding to take control of it
We just over here focused baking the dopest shit
Cutting up this potent just hoping you overdose on it
[Stick it in your veins girl I’m tryna kill the game]
I ain’t tripping over fame, I’m 22 I’ve overgrown that shit
[Already know I’m great, fuck if you don’t feel the same]
10 feet behind the arc still within my range
Shoot the J over the competition I shimmy shake
Feel like Michael J number 89 Live 98
Swishing Js I aint in the game
Still killing things, I be my planting my seeds
Leave Earth my DNA so when after I leave
I’m still stacking my cheese, paying for the needs
Make ends meet for everything that has my loyalty
Track Name: World B. Free [prod. by Juanito & MOOSE]
I ain’t out here tryna be the coolest in the streets dawg
I’m tryna be me
(I'm tryna be me)
I ain’t out here tryna be the coolest in the streets hoe
I'm tryna be me
Shit I’m just tryna ball ‘round the whole world and be free
I’m just tryna be me
(I'm tryna be me)
I ain’t out here to keep it PC
Keep it real man I’m tryna be me

[Verse 1]
Shit I’m just tryna stay cool and get through global warming heat
Going hard since ’91 starving tryna eat
Rhyming frequently through all the frequencies
Steady on the grind steady on the Q’s and P’s
So go remove your focus from you preconceived notion
That we some well promoted weak emcees
Not a bogus first overall picked Bogut
More like 83 Akeem or pick number 3
You Sam Bowie’s think you cold? Go kick some heat
We shall see if you really go with what you speak
Until then we rolling leaves, talking heaps of pine
I’m talking OG or blue dream to free the mind
Smear the lean on the paper, I’ll be sleeping fine
Focused on the goal, to see my family recline
And to wake up on time to see the early morn
To make sure the beat is perfect and the verse is hard
And even if the circle small
Each and everyone here is loyal just to working hard
Had to drop the disloyal, they ain’t worth my all
Why burn the bridge, I only burn what’s worth a spark
Like if the green is sticky or the purple strong
Fire in my lungs spitting inferno bars
Light up the green sticky or the purple strong
Working hard knowing that whole world is ours


[Verse 2]
Shit I’m just tryna be me gahdammit
Make a bunch of LPs and leave this planet
Rap to alien beings who don’t speak language
Whoever in the universe I reach gahdammit
Wherever in the universe, I wreak havoc
Chilling like a nebula, blowing gas kicking dust
See it in my retina, chiefing on medical
Til I reach my hydrostatic equilibrium
I begin stellar evolution
No need for any new year’s resolution
Win some and lose some, had to keep it moving
Had to get back to the plan then to execute it
While others seek the fame and the restitutions
Others copy and paste to be the next to do it
But somehow in this chase for something so great
I realized I mainly do it cause I love to do it
I’m talking bout this damn music
I’m talking bout this damn movement
Went back to the mind state, from the first tape
We ain’t talking raps, we just talking revolution
I’m talking bout doing cause we do it
Schooling these hooligans
Ruining influencing stupid on students and proving
The only thing left to do is to start the revolution

Track Name: Night Owl (Album Version) [prod. by MOOSE]

[Verse 1]
Saw my gift of gab was just sitting on its ass
Since I’m chilling in a lab, started scribbling on the pad
No time to get me a nap
Gotta lock myself in, and try to pull riddles out the hat
Lately days made it less simple just to rap
Trouble in the way, I’m tryna stay on the path
Looking for greener grass, pastures to relax
Hope I don't gotta ask Siri for the map
Noticed the other day every rapper’s in a pack
Harder to find artists that are rapping bout facts
Maybe its just me, consider myself a loner
Folks considered me a stoner, polo sport hide the odor
Sunrise show up, I couldn’t hide my boner
Ready to beat the pussy of whatever the day show us
Guess its time to roll up, and ride out
No need to hideout
Running on no sleep, I’m just another night owl

Blessed are the owls
For they shall inherit the mystery and magic of the night
So wrong, is it so wrong
I’m tripping on the shit I never seen I never known
Go rest up for now
Catch up in the morn when we done made it happen last night
So wrong, is it so wrong
I’m tripping on the shit I never seen I never known

[Verse 2]
Man the sun up somewhere
Tank on E still giving not one care
Bed looking comfy for the 1 percent up their
Other 99 still hungry for what’s fair
15 percent couldn’t even afford bus fair
Media tell it if you got and you get it
G’head throw it all in the air
G’head throw your hands in the air
Light I plant blow it up in the air
What’s your stance? really not that I care
Make em dance surely get on the air
But I’m the type to relax go into rehab
RIP to Amy upstairs from relapse
All stars burnout in China Marbury and T-Mac
Where the herbal tea at? where the loyalty at?
Will it be back? Where that Big Boi and Three Stacks?
Just a rap fan tryna vibe out
Bump it in the whip then ride out
As another night owl

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3]
Sleep pattern fucked up
Beat pattern fucks up
Weak rapper dumb fucks
We have to unplug
And look at all the bigger picture
Paint a better scene make em all drink the mixture
Fifth of henny or go and plead your fifth amendment
What it seems, you may have to go reconsider
Off the power these motherfuckers steady tripping
But in the hours yall sleep
We getting loaded and ready for whatever is given
See we battle born since the very beginning
Battles we chose and the battles that we were picked in
But did I mention that we keep the peace keep it cool
Only need a tool if we really needed to
I guess we new to you
But the years spent to even give you a clue
Is nothing but unusual
All the rhymes that we write down
Straight from the mind power
No days off just a night owl

Track Name: The B-Word feat. Nate Quest [prod. by MOOSE]
Bitches aint shit, bitches, bitches aint shit
We don't love them hoes, we don't love them hoes
Bitches aint shit, bitches, bitches aint shit
And its like that, and it, and its, like that

Now you ain't gotta be the bad bitch from in my dreams
You just gotta be the woman that could fill my needs
And its like that
(And its like that, and it, and its, like that)
Love me right and I could love you right back

[MOOSE verse]
Gotta love it can’t nobody do it like you do
Every move got every dude out here try to swoon
Gold hoops daisy dukes, bag the match shoes
Bad bitch with the matching bad attitude
Instagram the food, social network popping
On ya selfie half naked, looking extra flawless
Men forever falling, forever chase the cat
Make a player walk away from the game with that
Such an amazing ass, bet that shit could raise the tax
Cause love don’t cost a thing up front, you gotta pay it back
Your last ex left a terrible taste in your mouth
Fools lining up to buy you drinks to rinse it out
Giving fake digits out, but when you pick em out
They end up worse than the last one you tripped about
Now you wondering where all the gentlemen went
How they only tryna fuck, and chivalry dead
Open your eyes, don't expect to be treated like queens
If you always open to some fiends, acting like some kings
Wanna be bad, well I guess you’re doing good at that
Stuck on that basic shit baby, you just keep proving that


[Nate Quest verse]
All I wanted bad bitches cause I never had bitches
Now there's more than ever before
Christian Dior on my bathroom floor
And another girl knocking on my front door like "who the fuck you with?"
I told you a while ago... these bitches aint shit
No, these bitches aint shit
They want every dollar that they get
And I'll admit that I fell for that
But you would too with an ass like that
Ooh girl that ass so fat that any man sell his soul for that
And I'm no exception
We don't talk much just a lotta undressing
Guess I finally learned my lesson
If we ain't smashin we aint texting
I don't care if that body's a blessing
They say "nice guy's finish..." well you know how that saying goes
Now these women love me wasn't like that a day ago
She only love me cause she heard that I flow
Knowing damn well that she scheme on the low
Real love is one thing that she'll never know
Cause she just a gold digger that's digging for gold
I'd rather be a nice guy instead of a dickhead
But nice guys don't get head despite what the bitch said
She lyin, now I got bad hoes, I ain't trying
This is for my niggas going through the same thing I am
We say

Track Name: Brain (Interlude) [prod. by MOOSE]
One time
(Cash rules, so “I love you” we ain’t never say)
One time
(Cash rules, so “I love you” we ain’t never say)

1990s baby messing with a teeny bop
Boy meets world Mr. Feeny finna watch
Boy meets girl little Jenny from the block
Roll a J, eyes low, cop a 20 from the block
Met Jenny at the mall, took her ass to shop
Not knowing what she want, “should I get a sundress or not?”
Getting ready for warm weather
Told her booty shorts are so darn better
Girl it’s getting hot
Took me to her spot where it’s really not
Where she really got comfy in a skimpy top
Had me in a knot, took me poolside
She slip into a two piece, looking too fly
Looks into my front two windows
She understood that we two young singles
Grabbed two blunts, broke down two nugs of the endo
Both here sipping on Calipsos
She too was sick of the friend zone
Got the Love Jones for her body and her skin tone
So we went on, lit the Mary J
She obliged, and I went on my merry way
Followed the method my man told me like everyday
Cash rules, so “I love you” we ain’t never say
Realize she too was here to think the same
She ain’t using her heart, she here use her brain
Man this method I followed for like everyday
Cash rules, so “I love you” we ain’t never say
Realized she too was here to think the same
She ain’t giving her heart, she here to give me brain
Track Name: Hardwood Classics feat. Mosaek [prod. by Juanito & MOOSE]
Over and ahead of my time
Even if we never on time
Steady on the grind
Even if we never recline
Never will I never get mine

[MOOSE Verse 1]
I’ma start it off like
Right up off the bat, fuck who guarding all night
Step up on the field you might start it alright
At the end of the night you’ll be carted off quite
Confused why you tried, bruised up denied
Automatic lace my Marty McFly’s
Hit 88 miles, time to see serious shit
From the opening tip you’ll feel inferior bitch
Cheerleaders sidelines just twerking a bit
Drive it down the baseline just working to dish
While everybody stuck here doing the same thing
I might as well take the shit all the way in
While everybody here sounding like an AAU coach
Talking bout how I should settle for JUCO
Fuck that I’m too cold
I’ma do college chicks, graduate then go do pros
Then retire go sign as the new coach
Pulling hoes off the bench and let Kukoc
More Muggsy than Manute Bol
But dawg trust me you don’t wanna reach or guard too close
Still got handles, still got home court advantage
Whether a stadium or studio
Still hungry, still got the munchies
Still grind get the money or get a clue bro


[MOOSE Verse 2]
Hit the hardwood, as hard as I could
Sixth man of the year til I’m starting for good
Sure it’d be good be James Harden it up
But I’d rather raise a championship title in this
We playing with hall of fame sliders in this
Til the hall of fame call our name, enshrine us and shit
Back to training camp, kicking with my camp and shit
Still sticking with my guns and family
No AK, I’m speaking symbolically
Back from vacay adding more stamps again
Balled overtime spent a lotta cash again
Working overtime tryna get it back again
Working for the piece of shit’s over at Tommy Hill
Clock in, get my check, get the fuck up out of there
From lifting boxes of that whack outerwear
To saving up design and make my own outfit here
Find a home outta here
Split up the Roca and sell my good half of the Rocawear
That’s the reality, it’s the way it gotta be
Learned from day one we all tryna get broccoli
But there’s way more of the galaxy I gotta see
Show em a better way to flow make the hotter beat
Just tryna pay the bills at the end of the day
Keep it more real with more money to make
Can't forget my birthplace heart still in the P.I.
Loyal to B.K. and listening to B.I.
Circa RJ, Kidd on the fast break
She say I’m Kerry Kittles when I hit it from behind
Rewind the game tape, study it for game day
Fucked up y'all defense running all the same plays
Replay our game so all of y'all can catch this
History in the making hardwood classics


[Mosaek Verse]
Do Mose go hard in the paint? Yes he do
Turkoglu with the face looking like Perkins do
Tayshaun Prince in my city til I'm Bernard King
Grinding, moving it like Sacramento things
Dennis Rodman how i hustle then I hit the pivot
Dreamshake I'm living in the block, get it how I get it
Earning my Penny the Hardaway
Working til my heart decay
But never will I never get mine
Steady on the grind
Pressure heavy but I'm ready throw a dime
2000 Vince Carter when I rise
Catch me with my arm in the hoop
Flexing on the net
Every session til I'm lacing them checks
Air Jordan uno with the coolest MOOSE you know
Illest backcourt too since Lebron and Wade duo
Doing our thing til we cha ching mothafucka
Spalding balling the stadium's calling
If rap was a game I'd be MVP
Sponsored by N-I-K-E in a Mercedes
Living lavish spending cabbage with my family
If dreams really happen, David Stern wouldn't grant em
But scouts recognizing the planet
My team is rocking yo campus
And after all of us drafted we rim rocking the planet
On the real they couldn't make this line
Hang my jersey when its time 2-N-A-I
Track Name: Game 7 feat. EPonym & Cas [prod. by MOOSE]
It’s that fourth quarter shit, exposing the bitch made
Separating fact from the fiction in this game
Separate half assed scrubs who still claim
It’s time to quit playing, well bitch we been saying
Factual hustlers, don’t need a time table
Work and dedication, the title arrive later
Make love and loyalty, money arrive later
Know who ya trust now, cause suckas arrive later
Down with my brothers; and none of us Phi Beta
Go to town on you bustas, I don’t blame ya, I’d hate us
The system tried and true, filled with liars and fools
So if we find some truth, it’s prolly minus you
So what you tryna do, its win or go home
I’m home grown but city league til dreams is long gone
Win or lose, you’ll remember my name
I ain’t playing to lose, so what I’m tryna say

Life’s like a beach, how it be some sometime
Grind in the streets, tryna see some shine
Might not make it
Fuck it I’ll play it
Life’s like a beach, how it be sometime
Grind in the street, tryna see some shine
Might not make it, but
I ain’t come all this way just to see you take it

[EPonym Verse]
Fuck this anxiety,
Track Name: Time To Set Sail [prod. by Juanito & MOOSE]
Yo is you with it?

Is you all the way with it?


All the way lifted up
With some great individuals
All the way with it ever minute they remain with us
Regardless of the location of what the basis was
We congregate at elevation space stations up
Houston your radio wave signal is breaking up
Ain’t got no problem here
We been to the bottomless
With no hope or acknowledgement
But we still got up out that bitch
Easy to keep it real when everybody counterfeit
Pursuing happiness, still yet to have found the bitch
But I’m just happy I’m pursuing what my passion is
Not into lavishness, but bet I stack my chips
Busting every bracket predicted by all them sack of shits
Hope they all mad as shit, fuck em, they all could blow me
Like look at what this bastard did mastered the ceremony
While they mastered being phony
I wrapped up all my masters as a perfect polygrapher
I ain’t trusting what they told me
You only know me, but trust me dawg we ain’t homies
You only got the shoes, you ain’t balling like you Kobe
Don’t get out of pocket, you get sacked into a coffin
Being fake and being lame a terrible concoction
All in your DNA, wearing it like a badge
It’s almost time for me to sail and start to count to back
To activate all the afterburners on blast
Blast off and blow past 5 layers of gas
Pedal stuck on turbo til we get up to the Thermosphere
It’s almost time to start the show swing the curtain clear
We persevere cause persecution is hell
Just a prisoner to the mission as I lie in my cell
Shit, won’t let the thoughts of quitting kill the rhymes that I tell
Ain't no question learned the lessons from the time that I've failed
I can’t die in this hell so fuck tryna exhale
I don’t know about you but it’s time to set sail
Track Name: Liquid Courage feat. Mikey Manifest & Viberoc [prod. by JBird & MOOSE]
Feeling wired now I’m tryna approach
Feeling inspired, chilling right in my zone
Put every fear away tonight is the night
Always late but we still timing it right

(I thought I told you that we won’t stop
I thought I told you that we won’t stop)

Put every fear away tonight is the night
Always late but we still timing it right

[MOOSE Verse]
No doubt
Breathing this oxygen, teeshirt moccasin obvi smoked out
Yellin fuck the police motherfuck Congress loud as shit
Window rolled down
Chilling zoned out with West Coast connection
Plotting to break the bank, invest in next shit
No way the old shit better than the next shit
Precisely rolled joints forever with the best shit
Sharpen up the craft, go harder with the axe
Every trepidation, covered with a mask
Debt piling up, pay it all back
Invest in some trust, then make it all back
Build empire up, to rival all them higher up
So it’s us hire them not them hire us
Beginner buyer’s luck, never had it going
Just swinging for the fence, winging it as we go in
Adjusting the aperture and fixing focus
See new angles, capture the moment
Fuck a bonus, I’m snatching my promotion
Date the boss daughter, maybe get some dome in
Takeover the throne, with God as my witness
Be who I am, if I’m made in his image
Stand where I stand, have no worries
Even with no liquid courage, bitch


[Viberoc Verse]
Track Name: City Lights (Remix) feat. Chelsea G & Jeff Bernat [prod. by MOOSE]
[MOOSE Verse]
Its like a real life Hollywood scripting
Mother Earth underground chillin, daily tectonically shifting
I’m tripping, how we sitting together in this position
Two different worlds colliding with such precision
See timing was never my thing and I’ll admit it
But I’m thinking you the queen that this king has been missing
Can’t be explained by no quantum or no physics
How we both a paradox and be logically infinite
Every time I be mesmerized, staring through your pair of eyes
Paralyzed another day in your paradise
Whether I’m just infatuated can’t even hate it
Your soul’s presence is a present its simply amazing
I can’t help but to simp it
When we keeping it player on this Sin City pimp shit
Mobbing round these city limits
With no issues girl this feeling here is out this world
Glad I don’t have to search, knowing you on planet Earth

[Chelsea G]
Key in the ignition
You always starting my engine
It’s hard for me to admit it
But it’s harder to resist it
I don’t know where exactly we going
All that I know is

(I can ease my mind with you
Make some time for you
I would even smoke my weed another time for you)

Til the only thing that’s bright are the city lights outside
If you can ease your mind
You know where to spend your night

Take this ride with me
Under all these city lights
Take this little drive with me
Oh it’s such a pretty night
Girl you know where to spend the night

Under all these city lights [8x]

[Jeff Bernat]
There's so many things I've got to tell you
But I'm afraid I don't know how
Cause there's a possibility
You'll look at me differently
Ever since the first moment I spoke your name
From then on I knew that by you being in my life
Things were destined to change cause
So many people use your name in vain
Those who faith in you sometimes go astray
Through all the ups and downs the joy and hurt
For better or worse I still will choose you first
Under all these city lights

[Hook 8x]
Track Name: Good Evening [prod. by MOOSE]
Greetings ladies and gentlemen
(This that no ambitions)
Greetings ladies and gentlemen
(This that no ambitions)

They say its the land of the free home of the brave
All I see is the land of the sheep home of the slaves
They say its the land of the free home of the brave?
Nah yo its the land of the sheep home of the slaves
This that no ambitions bitch
No ambitions, no ambitions bitch
This that no ambitions hoe
This that no ambitions hoe

Out here to maintain a positive mind
Even while the world give an opposite vibe
Even if we living in violent times
They clouds ain’t blocking my shine
Keep my top to the sky, keep to the hustle
Ain’t stopping for time, ain’t stopping for nothing
Always knew that I’m ill, woulda stopped if I wasn’t
Forever hip-hop til I’m done with
Woulda took the blue pill, but shit you know the deal
Only that real shit I fuck with
Get blunted til I’m above this
Weak ass shit these weak fools come up with
Good night to you and all your bad news
All you whack fools singing a whack tune
15 minutes is up and done soon, go and start a rap feud
Trolling ass bitch
Style that you bit, get going with that shit
This here no ambitions
By now 4 albums in, you know my damn mission
I mean what you expect? what you hoping to get
Only expect how much broken in sweat
Given in blood, tears wiped off in this real life
Givin in it all aint never enough
But I’m too ready for whatever it is
Bout to put my forever in this
Who want it? whoever ya is
Who got it I’m coming for your shit
We finna be forever in this
We finna beef if you mess with my clique
Put your twos if you mess with the kid
Philippines Hawaii and Vegas in this bitch


Greetings ladies and gentlemen
(This that no ambitions)
Greetings ladies and gentlemen
(This that no ambitions)

[Outro 3x]
Greetings ladies and gentlemen
Hope your entire evening’s been nothing but excellent
Hope that there’s no grievance and everything for you heaven sent
Hope you never feel the need
To go take reach for where your weapon is