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Meant To Be


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some of us spend a whole lifetime trying to figure out our purpose. other exert all their energy formulating a plan for success. but from what i’ve learned true success is not defined by wealth, popularity, nor critical acclaim. true success is our ability to follow through exactly what we’re meant to do, voice exactly what we meant to say, and become exactly what we’re meant to be.

with that said i proudly present to you my journey. every written word, stroke of a keyboard key, turn of a knob, and vocal sung is a culmination of everything i’ve encountered along the way so far.

Meant To Be is brought to you by the good folks at IC3. featuring contributions from my friends Michael Carreon, Konkwest, Kris Ray, Cas, EPonym, Chuuwee, Mosaek, Catherine, JBird, and Mike Wingless. co-production credits to my brother Juanito. artwork photography by Julian Matisse.

listen. download. enjoy. share.


released May 24, 2011

executive produced by: MOOSE
co-produced by: Juanito
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Robot feat. Kris Ray
[Verse 1]
Let me announce that
Here I made us an infinite playlist of a soundtrack
From the bass thump of the drum kick to the loud clap
The destination from where we elevated off an ounce bag
We hit the ground pat, new setting new plot
Watch your step as your feet touch the moon rocks
Mankind still a slave to the tune box
I’m here tryna free man in these Boondocks
Make sure the weed man bring the good here
We tryna see the stars in neighborhood here
We no longer try to do what we could here
All we try to do is give em what they should hear
They always ask me, “MOOSiE why you making black music?”
Am I that foolish?
I never knew music had a color
I never knew I couldn’t make music from my heart
So I told em shut the fuck up

No one tried to understand
(What I would do)
They think I don’t understand
(Cause I hated school)
I would stay, on my grind
(If I played it cool)
They would know what’s on my mind

[Verse 2]
Sunshine piercing through the window
Good morning America this is my intro
They say “Wii would like to play” like Nintendo
But the game is all mental, the fame is all rental
They are the paper and we are the pencil
They play eraser, after they trace you like a stencil
Drain every single thing from ya temple
Then they start over again like a menstrual
But fuck that, I’m way above that
They can’t take away the way we bust back
From all the pain the ails that we made it through
Let your mind speak, cause they can’t take your brain from you
Here's the truth I am kicking in the booth I am giving you
Everything and more
And to all the haters that be thinking I am playing
When I claim that one day I’ll make it
I will never give you hope
I will never let you get to me
Once I reach the top, you will never have a spot, sitting next to me
I can't stop, even if I had an option I won't stop
What the fuck you think? I'm a robot

[Verse 3]
We went from getting calls from bitches who wanna break our hearts
To telling labels hey listen I wanna break the charts
From telling homies all you really need is hard work
Make sure to put your brain before your heart first
Wear your patience on your sleeve
So when it happens, you can say it’s meant to be
We went from, working chasing extra cheese
To waking up with model chicks laying next to me
Our only problem is, that we running out of condom’s bitch
All you haters that be on our shit
Ketchup, mustard up some effort you fucking condiments
And shout out to Inner Circle for the sponsorship
Shout out to Leeroy and IC3
For knowing that music is the life for me
For knowing that the future's only nice with me
Stick around if you wanna see what I can be
Track Name: EverySingleBody
[Verse 1]
La di dah haters, haters on my jock
Wake up, wake up to my neighbors gang banging on my block
Acting tough and hard tryna fucking scissor up my mood
But these fool they forgot, paper always beats a rock
La di dah problems, problems all I got
My life a vicious circle and they put me up in a box
With a quarter, put my life in order, pull the lever on the slot
Hope the triple 7 show up just so I can win the pot
Now I’m bout hit the spot, hoping that my lyrics hot
Wonder how my life will be soon as my 15 minutes stop
Life is like a game, but not everybody hits the shot
So I am ball hogging it til somebody can steal the rock
La di dah, I’m bout to pop off like double D’s at Mardi Gras
All night body shots
Party til I drop, smash shorty dumpling, squash
Any type beef or pumpkin with karate chops
Check the body clock, time zones all across the globe
Ain’t no problem where we go cause we already home
California, Reno, Vegas get this motherfucker going
Got the homies blunted rolling, and the Coke and Rum is flowing

Everysinglebody throw your, throw your twos up
Every, everysinglebody throw your, throw your two up
Reno, Vegas, Southern Cali, throw your, throw your twos up
Northern Cali, everybody throw your, throw your two up
Calling all 2NAI, we goin get it right tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
And it begins
Everysinglebody welcome to this fucking party, yea we letting you in

Yes we're letting you in
Drowning all your stress baby get you drink
Even for one night say goodbye to the problems of the week
Got the bombest fucking trees and we got it all for free
All for free, the best shit in life
The only way to be, is to fucking get it right
Get it right, get it right
Throw your ring and your pinky fingers up
2NAI over everybody else, we dont give a fuck!

[Chorus 2x]


Throw a two up, yall should just leave it
higher, riot, try it, you might like it, Mr. MOOSiE F will supply it
higher, like a, screamer, up to your breather
let it feed ya, with needed, vitamin B, CD’s, easy
reader, dopeness off the meter
couple liters, guzzle liters, I reaper
I been treated like a mattress I need to
ether these sleepers, casket, my beats are
no peach fuzz, flow deeper, Everysinglebody
here need to, smoke two blunts, don't you budge, hold your two’s up
Track Name: Young and Dumb feat. Catherine
[Verse 1]
Man I’m young, I’m dumb
I don’t give motherfuck about anyone
Even as a kid lived my life like I’m 21
Living on the edge they say very dumb
But every night my mission always ended up as getting some
Life’s a bitch so fuck it man
I’m a home wrecker, I say fuck your man
Pump her and I rub her thank you come again
Nothing is… whatever they say it is
Told us we the future, on our future, they just take a shit
Budget cuts, education first thing to take a hit
The school system fools listen as if they just take the dick
Fuck a school, they just take my money always holding me down
I learned better watching Mos on Def Poetry Jam
On some real shit
My textbook never taught me anything I could build with
My classroom was the streets, my professor could feel this
I feel them, nervous when I raise my hand
Scared I’m about to share knowledge that they just can’t

They all call me stupid
Cause all I wanna do is to try to sing my songs
They all think I’m clueless, cause I love my music
And I could give em two shit if they all think I’m wrong

Cause they say I'm young, I'm dumb
That I don't give a fuck
They say I'm young, I'm dumb
That I don't give a fuck
They say I'm young, I'm dumb
That I don't give a fuck
They say i'm young, I'm dumb
Well I don't give a fuck!

[Verse 2]
They say I’m young, I’m dumb
That I don't give a fuck about anyone
Treat me like a kid but you want me acting 21
Til the day my license say it’s legal that I’m getting drunk
I’ll be at the club, holding up, here my replica
Giving me some role models, putting me right next to them
But what is the point when I’m already a better them
Grown folks thinking I’m the dumbest student, young and clueless
Cause I think the whole curriculum is stupid
Bitch I am in the College of Business
Tell me why I gotta take Biology, Physics
It takes a few hundred thousand dollars to finish
Well no shit, I got a giant fucking problem with this shit
Paying extra dollars for some extra classes
That I’ll never need, hard for to me to even pass it
Man I’ve had it, I’d rather get a record deal
It got more sex appeal, than a bachelor diploma ever will

Track Name: Wildflower feat. Konkwest
Me and the microphone, tag-team cipher
Spitting real shit til I’m running out saliva
Give me a drum kick and a snare, I don’t care
I’ma figure out all of this here like MacGyver
Tried off the top but I’m better as writer
You ain’t HOV bruh, lying that you spitting off the dome
No Esco but I knew from the get go
That it was written on your face and your phone
To me there’s no one close so I’m bout to do a lane switch
I vow to stay the same, even if the fame hits
Result of my grind, 5 o’clock shadow
War is never over, pen and paper is my ammo
Ask why I don’t battle, just not in my character
I just can’t stomach cleaning up after I massacre
I’m not even a rapper; I’m labeled as an artist
It just so fucking happen that I’m doing it the hardest
Got high IQ, but the beat sound retarded
Mind you, all my enemies now lethargic
Smashing me a Brooklyn upper Decker Andy Roddick
Rapping with no hooded fucking sweaters and ebonic
Staying true to me like I’m playing Huey Free
On the daily, playing major like McGrady used to be
Labels still eluding me, but I could give a fizzuck
If they miss the prodigy, they could smack they bitch up
That’s just too bad if they missed us
Or if they been sleeping while everybody bump No Ambitions
My bullet points on a mission
Pierce through your body armor, and shut down ya whole system
And not just metaphorically, I could be talking literal
Or physical, piercing through your soul and your spiritual
And I promise that the damage will be critical
And when your life bar flashing red I’ma finish you
But what I’m getting to is music that is quality
Real good hip hop’s the only fucking policy
Make them pay for whack shit is truly fucking robbery
That is why people download it now all for free
Time to bring it back to that classic shit
Don’t miss the future; there is only one ass to kiss
We use the other 90 now I’m talking mind power
And we growing everywhere, wildflowers
Track Name: Chuck Taylors
[Verse 1]
On my Chuck Taylor shit
Love haters when they hug and Jadakiss
Vintage watch made back in ‘86
On my West Africa, praise Chaka Zulu chain bracelet
Man, they is hating this
Fresh pair of Levi, sag a little so they can see my
Behind, so these haters got something they could kiss
J’s and shit, don’t really make my dick
Harder like a fake thug, that forever stay a bitch
I don’t make a hit, just so I can stay in this
I’ll be always gone, like biological pops that don’t raise a kid
Every single morning I would take a pick
What kind of outfit I could rock, they would jock, everyday and shit
They say that I got, way too much swagger for my own good
But what they say don’t matter
Under my own hood I could stay warm
Flooding her thoughts, you girl stay out calling me her brainstorm

[Chorus 2x]
Watch me walk it out
Watch me, watch me walk it out
Watch me walk it out
Watch me, watch me walk it out
Watch me walk it out
Watch me, watch me walk it out
Like Unk in my black leather Chucks
and it go like...

[Verse 2]
On my fuck haters, fake shoes, and them fake hoes
Wannabe rapping ass gay dudes in play clothes
Been about my Chucks way before Taylor Gang
Way before Say Yeah and Wiz Khalifa made his name
Wasn’t a Jordan head, couldn’t afford a pair
Mama took me to the Converse store and she lost me there
$30 bucks and I have enough for an outfit
Balling on a budget homie yea I’m all about it
And I yell it proudest, not a fucking problem
I buy Chucks cause I’m broke as fuck, and I don't have an option
Rather keep my dollars in my pocket
Stop making music if you don't have Reason or some Logic
All that non sense, I’m better shit
Bougie ass hype beast, pessimist repping clicks
You know the real Dream Team’s 2NAI homie
And you know who rock jersey number 9 homie?


[Verse 3]
Lupe I had to bite that one from ya
Shit I’d rather bite from the best, than to write a
line that will prolly fly by everybody head
break it down a sec, break everybody bread
I had to pay homage to the kid
My favorite MC’s let me let you know the list
It go Kanye, Jay-Z, Andre, I’m talkin three stacks
Common, Kweli and me now the bring beat back
Nas, Big L, Lauryn Hill and Pac
Biggie, Slim Shady, Q-Tip and Nas
Last but I’m sure not the least Mos Def in it
If you aint even on my list, guess you better quit
Yea you better sit, I just can’t stand you
I gotta get away and scramble, like Randall
Cunningham, you played out like the running man
If you hate the back, stop fronting then

Track Name: Mad Real World feat. Kris Ray
[Chorus - Kris Ray]
You know I’m the man
Just a little older, new clothes
But homie you know I ain’t change
Looking all around me, nothing is the same
Swear this whole world got me fucking insane
Now I’m coming down
I’m tripping on my own shoe
Everyone hating on me like they supposed to
You wonder how it feel
When people stop acting all polite and shit, and start getting real

[Verse - MOOSE]
I left planet earth in my rocket ship
Sick of all the hypocrite people I’m always with
I didn’t need they oxygen
They always drinking off my Kool Aid, so I bottled it
Fuck a damn scholarship, I got my own doctorate
I won my own championship, every night I polish it
I could stay popular even while anonymous
World transforming, I could bring back order like Optimus
Prime, you like that line?
You don’t need a watch to know its my time
I’ma keep it real, truthfully, I’m so used to being hated on
I get my Jamie on
And I blame it on the ah-ah-alcohol
Woke up and saw what I wore; now I’m out the door
I said, why be fly if the atmosphere polluted?
And everyone tryna be fly just look stupid
They say silence golden, but I have spoken
That must mean I’m diamond glowing
The spotlight I stole it, went to Popeye’s I’m rolling
Chicken and bones with all these chicks I’m boning
I’m zoned in, target in a line
Always tryna remember old shit, like Peter Griffin’s mind
Tell em to go home, just like dinner time
Let em know, I run this shit, no finish line


Track Name: Home Pt. II feat. EPonym & Mosaek
Wherever you are, I’m right there with you
No matter how far
I’m running back home
I’m talking ‘bout home

[Verse 1 - EPonym]
Potomac, Southeast, man you know it
just a little run down, but shit, i never noticed
Sundays were church days, seldom in attendance
all the aunties and the uncles, giving thank for their blessings
corner store chilling, see blue collars and thugs
I’ve seen punk ass kids, spare change for a bum
I love my city, i hate the lack of motivation
no creation grey, the only colors what they claiming
its crazy, and there’s plenty people just tryna live
most forget to take a second and see that the beauty is
everything this city is, pollution and power grids
the beaches, and the buildings, the palm trees, the feeling
where the suns shining down, even in the winter time
comfy, god bless ya life now that’s something
the way you digest your living, that’s on you
San Diego, born and raised from the heart kid… home schooled

[Verse 2 - Mosaek]
Port City, south based just like a Confederate
No years better than the ones spent near Edison
Shaundy tardy, mad gnarly, chillin’ in detention when
Ms. Pollock caught me frolicking in class with dice & dollars
Mattie Harrell Park homie thats where the hoop be
Remember Will called Chris out? That was an oopsie
Then I moved out north, neighbors looked albino
Found out later one of my neighbors was Pyro
Kicked it like Taebo at SL Fong I
Grew to appreciate the subtle suburban calm
Why I love my city so, my city molded witty Mose
From the gritty cove, Forbes quotes “miserable”
Based off decimals and skimpy polls
Them imbeciles is trippin’ bros. Fuck statistics yo
Rockin’ from Stockton, also known as Mudville
A little foreclosure but the loves real… 209 until

[Verse 3 - MOOSE]
Where everything will go down
the city like an ocean filled with sharks hope you don’t drown
Through the whole town, all of the lights flicker
shining bright giving the impression that there is a slight glimmer
Of hope, every scene looking the right picture
but no, if you aint leave yet the city just might get ya
Locals call it being patient
but they call it UNLV cuz your never leaving Vegas
Coming home is bittersweet, the city sleeps
until they recognize that you are the missing piece to the puzzle
You hate the city, then again you love it
you wanna spill your heart and soul just to a build a culture
That the people could be proud of, it aint all about drugs
weed smoke, prostitute, casinos
Sin City needs a hero
and that’s why Luxor flash that light in the sky to let me know
When I am hanging with my own crew
I never feel alone, even when I’m standing on my own two
We just don’t lose, playing for the home Bulls
just to show you from concrete a Rose can grow too
So when they play MOOSE’s raps, they ask who is that?
you could say he the reason we on Google Map
Or the reason why the truth is back
check the URL you could tell who the hell is the coolest cat
Dude relax, its Munoz, I got this
no problem, 2 and 2 together, do the math
I am too fly to let the city ground me or hate me
time to raise the city that raised me
Track Name: Without The Pain feat. Konkwest, Chuuwee, & Cas
I swear it ain’t the same without the pain
I swear I couldn’t play the game without the change
So I suggest you put the cash all in my bank
Baby go and back that ass all in my hand

Homie I swear that’s all I need
Pussy, money, and some trees
Like when your skin meets the ink, it’s not the same
Living life is not legit, without the pain

[Verse 1 - MOOSE]
Like when your skin meet the ink or when the ink the meet the paper
The paper meets your pain, but the pain meets the maker
The maker meets its match, then I light it on fire
Yelling bitch I’ll see ya later, Bay Area homie swoop me in the scraper
Life without the pain, you must’ve lived it wrong
Writing without the pain is a poorly written song
If you bitch ain’t giving brain, I swear it won’t be long
Let me spit my game, 10 minutes and we gone
Move around the clock, we pushing packs
And if so happen that our music crack, we pushing that
And if so happen that you’re in our way, we’ll push you back
I promise you won’t feel a thang once them thangs pop and goons attack
Dude relax, this how its supposed to happen
This is how you do what you suppose is rapping
and if so happen that you disagree
Whatever your reaction will be motherfucking slower than molasses
don't even try it bro

[Verse 2 - Konkwest]


[Verse 3 - Chuuwee]

[Verse 4 - Cas]

Track Name: Under Sheets
We can stay forever under sheets
Long as I can keep whatever that we hiding underneath
No one has to know
You got plans? Baby cancel those, no one really has to know
It’s me and you, and you and me
I’m loving what it is that you do to me
You can tell the whole world but it’s better if you don’t
You can always be yourself, it’s better we’re alone

[Verse 1]
We can pretend like nothing ever really happened
Because I really don’t remember much
Deny every single accusation
And say nothing bout your bestie laying next to us
I’m really loving the way the sun is hitting you
How your arms is wrapped around under me
If I need a reminder what I don't remember
All I gotta do is peek my head under the sheets
Wake your friend up, I really think she needs to go
I only want you to myself
Three’s are cool, but all I really need is you
Maybe a candle lit and nothing else


[Verse 2]
I thank your momma and your daddy
I never pulled a white girl that ever had a fatty
I have my hands in the right place
I can go the distance I hope you ain’t a light weight
Wait, home girl’s puking on the toilet
We supposed to take care of her and rid her of that poison
But now she left the room and it’s just me and you
I am sorry there is no way we could avoid it
You’re making too much noise, can you handle it?
We in my best friend’s room getting passionate
Homie going be mad, but I ain’t really tripping
The whole fucking time, his girl didn’t really miss him

Track Name: Mind Gone feat. Michael Carreon
[Verse 1]
Seems like every night get repetitive
Claiming last night was the best that we ever been
Downing every shot, and taking every hit
Next day feeling shitty saying that you’ll never drink
It’s funny how we claim to have the best night ever
Wake up next morning feeling so much worse than better
Regretting, the otherwise southern fried sweet ass you getting
Behind your girl, you never learn the lesson
The problem isn’t doing the right or the wrong shit
Which head to follow is usually the conflict
Blood rushes to the wrong head
You end up doing the opposite of whatever that your mom said
But whatever though, it’s been a hard year
Smoke and drink away the pain that my heart feel
My mind blown and it’s looking like a bomb threat
My mind gone I’m still good from all that bomb shit

Trying to make it home tonight, before my time is gone
Trying to make it home in time, so I can rights my wrongs
Trying to see my baby, I know she hates me
All I want is, to focus, cause my mind keeps going
It’s going, going gone
Before my time is gone
Before my time is gone

[Verse 2]
Take a hit one time for the stress of life
Take a hit two times so it hit you twice
Take a drink double shot so you feeling right
Start thinking bout where you gonna end tonight
In her dorm room, maybe in my backseat
Make sure she don't see the underwear from last week
From the last girl, thought she would lasted
Longer than a few days, now she’s fucking past tense
Fuck it I’m past it, I’m honestly faded
Feeling like a grown up, I am chocolate wasted
Left that morning, said to call her my lady
She’s such a sweet girl, I’ll be honest, I tasted
But now I’m home to who I’m calling my baby
She laying on my bed, man she probably naked
She probably waited, now I’m feeling guilty
Knowing cause I’m never sober, I never give her the real me

i ask her what they call her, last name Jane
first name Mary, she ask can she stay
i said thank you for the evening, the blessing you gave
dont get me wrong, i loved everythang
but for the moment, i dont know where I'm going
its like im fuckin up all the rest of my life
and even though I love this feeling, I am hoping
I can sober the fuck up, and feel better tonight
Track Name: Let It Go feat. Kris Ray
There’s gotta be something more
Traveling down this road
I just hate it that I'm alone
All I think about is that hoe
I’m holding on to this cliff
This feeling here is the shit
I wonder how life will get
If I will just let it go

[Verse 1]
I can’t lie the news ruined my emotions
But I promise my momma, I’ll be a man about it
Just look at the past, we had so much going
But I promise my friends, I’m gonna plan around it
I can’t lie I predicted this all along
So in a sense, I can’t be that mad about it
You and your so called friend always alone
I feel bad now cause I always had allowed it
I know what I did was whack
But you don’t get me fucking back like that [like that]
And that’s word to Ghostface Killah
My brother told me [don’t stay bitter]
Rest in peace to those that ain’t with us
To Mrs. Richards, I know that she miss ya
I tried my best, with no regrets
To take care of her, up until the lonely end, but
I am sorry I just really want to let ya know
That I did love her to the bottom of my soul
Even though we all know she got it wrong
I gotta move on, I gotta let it go

[Verse 2]
It’s hard not to open up on a fucking track
Knowing that you gave it all, gain nothing back
Knowing that, of all the numbers in my contacts
None of them would ever listen or just call back
So this song is the only time I could vent
She killing me dog, bitch is Michael Vick
Knowing that I’m lying when I say I forgive
Fully realizing that fucking life’s a bitch
But fuck it I don’t quit, girl we not the same
I know you gave up easy, that was just a shame
It’s almost like you were looking forward to this moment
But you don’t own it; this is merely just a loan
Happiness come and go, I hope that you know
You will always be my ex til you gotten old
And to ya boy, misery love company
And I’m glad you accompany her misery
But so you know we have a long fucking history
What I mean is a raw fucking history
Just so you know when you down her esophagus
That’s the strains of my semen that you swallowing
Track Name: Meant To Be feat. pianos by JBird
Cause every minute, and every second
All the mess that I get in, all of it is a lesson
None of it I’m regretting, I know that it’s best for me
Just gotta let it be, all of its meant for me
Every problem, and all of the stressing
Know that my God is just sending a message
Whatever the next is, I know that it’s best for me
Just gotta let it be, all of its meant to be

[Verse 1]
It all started with a feeling y’all
It’s time for me to finish off
How long I’ve been in it bruh?
Been focused ever since five years ago
I had the dream like Milian
Til that motherfucker did me wrong
But really I aint tripping though
I’m bout to heat it up even when the winter cold
I’m bout to dream it up, even when my wishes don’t
Come true, I run through anyone that thinks I won’t
I said I dream it up, even when my wishes don’t
Come true, I run through anyone that thinks I won’t


[Verse 2]
They said my talents were inadequate
They told me, that I had to quit
I told em, I aint having it
They said I’m a joke, now I just laugh at them
I’m tryna Michael Jackson it
Or Montana up at Candlestick
Rewriting history’s my passion bitch
If you love the past so much, you can have the shit
I am moving past the shit, on to the next one
Jean denim jacket shit oh yea I’m fresh, son
Everything I want to do, motherfucker I get done
And anyone that got in my way is fucking dead, son


[Verse 3]
Gravity’s a bitch, we supposed to fall
Clock ticking down and they hold the ball
Another day, another broken heart
Guess they couldn’t save a spot up on Noah’s Ark
But really I ain’t tripping though
Gotta couple loose screw, I’ve been missing those
I am really someone you should get to know
Everything you prolly heard about me was fictional
So let me get a couple motherfucking facts right
Name MOOSiE F. Baby, you don’t need to ask twice
Killer on production and the motherfucking rap’s nice
I was meant to be, since the first day I had life

Anything that I’ve lost, all the bullshit that’s come to me
Broken my heart, everyone that has run from me
It don’t mean to none to me
I keep a positive attitude
Knowing that I still have a lot I have to do
The tears that I cried, the struggles I been through
To all those who died, we love you and miss you
Everything I can get through, just know that it’s meant to be
If I work hard fuck I know what the end will be