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here's some loose tracks that are available for free. download. listen. enjoy. share.


released June 16, 2014


all rights reserved


Track Name: Something New [prod. by MOOSE & Esta]
I see they lookin at me strange
But I dont give a damn bout a thing they say
Cause all I wanna do is to get me some of you
I see they lookin at you strange
But I dont give a damn bout a thing they say
Cause all I wanna do is to get me some of you
Why I even look at all the past
I dont even give a damn how the shit went down
Cause all I wanna do (all I wanna do)
Is to start us something new (start us up a new day)

You know how it goes when things get out of control
Gotta get back in our zone and
Maybe just slow it down
Take our time baby
Gotta hit that refresh mode
Some things we need to let go
Cause all the things they said dont matter
When it's time to get home

Track Name: All In [prod. by Juanito]
[Verse 1]
i be all up in the mix
this that bounce hydraulic hit the switch
plottin to hit this lick
salivas all in ya conscience
when a poet laureate spit
proper grammar when i kick
my every day shit
sade singin by your side while i ride my spaceship
captain kirk of enterprise 9 to 5 day shift
5 to 9 got that work lemme pump this bass quick
throwing up hand signal lemme run this play quick
with the dream team what a bunch
eating these weak fucks up oh what lunch
a bunch of runner ups
they got something to say
send em on my way, i could get em goin i could shut em up
catch me round town with a button up
with the fragrance of that grade A i crumbled up
on the way to the come up, on the daily i double up
whatever trebeck throw im never stumped
yea i gotta stunt

This that bounce, this that groove you can step 2
If you too allergic to bull then bless you [6x]

what can they say they cant tell me a thang
we done came a long way
and they dont know how we made it

[Verse 2]
I be lost in translation
all in my scarlett johannsen's vibrations
Shield organizations, fighting off aliens
thats Fuckin up my chi, while i fuck up these beats
with Juanito on the dish i shoot it for the 3
This year i'm 2-3, my 8th year in the league
Whatever comes next i guess what's meant to be
My family finances reaching stability
Off god givin abilities
Make it through record breaking storms like Philippines
Dont want your applause to fill our needs
I just need to pay these damn loans off, get this cheese
Light a doobie up on top of the Alps and just feel the breeze
Send moms to Austria off the sound of music
Sending love to those listenin and loungin to it
To all my mofckn folks down with the movement
Fuck a clique or name just be down to do it

This that bounce, this that groove you can step 2
If you too allergic to bull then bless you
Track Name: MOOSE x EPonym x Jofred Estilo x Viberoc - No Mercy
I don't drive a Lambo, I don't got no Mercy
You might see me in my camo, plus I got my jersey
I don't drive a Lambo, I don't got no Mercy
Reaching through my camo, yeah ya girl she kinda thirsty

...i still think im the shit
if you think different, welllll you can suck ma dick
say im bad say im at it, tell em atticus flipped
oh olive oil! ill eat that pussy like my spinach
first she blow the oh.. then she blow a kiss
I hit the fridge before i dip, im the only one she miss
Yeah im such an asshole, say it as if thats all
i spent too many years being bashful,
(now this) bachelor got flashy words,
who be dat,
easily the meanist, casual and genius
that right there thats mr green and
bet i talk shit better, halk spit clever
walk this with a taught grin, blender where i tossed sin, lemonade up on my sweater
(yeah) i know i know were dying every minute, whats to lose
the fuck i gotta prove... who are you?
for my city, for my crew, up that mountain, take that view
above the clouds
dont look down, now thats just what i do

[MOOSE hook]

[MOOSE bridge]
She was feeling all alone, you be leaving early
I just got her in zone, she ain't did you dirty
Even when she offered dome, I still dropped her home
I quit wrecking homes, you ain't gotta worry

[Jofred Estilo]
I ain't really got shit, but bet you been fuckin with my shit
you bop bitch, give me 400k from a deal better bet I make it all flip
I don't drive no lambo but yes I whip that Nissan
and I ain't got no mercy but I bet your ass get beat down
hand to the sky, you give it to god
you listen to Biggie, you ready to die
Momma said I'm too high, better get a new job
but I'm good with these raps and I'm finna do fine
better know I'm on boy, hittin that green like Bulbasaur
you bound to fall, get it all destroyed
gonna hit that lick til I'm out the door
get kicked back with a quick jab
get whiplash with your bitch ass
get your chick fast with a sick track
say your ass got Kim Dashed
I been steady traveling sort of like that word do
with a chick smuggle herb too, she just hides it in her hurr do
I ain't rap for free, better add a fee
You rappers weak better add a beat
been way to HI, better add a C
from the city of the CHI, head assery
What you done did, I done done before
with a bunch of smoke til my lungs'll choke
and an abstract art school hipster looking type of chick
that tumblr hoe

Yeah stepping into the function with a whole bunch of drunken misfits getting my drinks at a bar with a bomb broad
on my arm lit getting kissed with her cherry red lipstick
blasted, this shit right here is a classic
never spill my beer when I'm active
on the dance floor getting trashed with your chick, damn she's ratchet
yeah me and my team is so merciless with this spit everybody give a round of applause
high like a jet, ride with the best, live in effect, even got your girl droppin her jaws
Dropping her pants, working her dance, shit, talk about her top coming off
she's placing her hands in the same place and the same way where my doctor tells me to cough
aint it nuts? Damn it sucks, how you lames cant stay in the lanes with us
or even play the game with us
everybody here knows that we came to crush
mics to dust, slice with a knife to gut, over beats that we treat like a type of slut
Y'all better back down when your time is up or find yourself blind at the shine of us
huh, not giving any type of fucks
middle fingers out get em high enough
and send it to the folks that'll never go to a show thinking that we won't blow up from the sight of us
i dont give a shit you should know by now what the business is
just give us our money with a little bit of interest
now how's that for some mercy bitch
Track Name: Make A Lotta Money
Make a lotta money
Then I'm gonna quit this crazy scene

Joni Mitchell never lied
Money ain’t a thing when you get it every night
The pursuit of riches, dimes and bad bitches
Is all just a price when you trade it for your life


Lemme get the cash flowing correct
Motherfuck if I have all your glowing respect
I just got paid and I know a connect
Got me an ounce bag I’ma smoke it to death


I used to dream about how it would feel like
If I made music the whole world will like
Then I felt pressure to get my bread up
Now I’m tryna juggle that dream with real life

Way before I dreamt about going platinum
I was just as young ass kid who loved rapping
I used to walk around freestyling, bus passes
Now it’s feeling like a 9 to 5, what happened man?


Real shit, if you really wanna do it for the love
You better know now you’ll be broke as fuck
That’s the reality
Dealing with legalities
Used to wanna rap for free
Now you charge a rapping fee


Dropped outta school cause you getting a job
Real hip-hop, man you work at the mall
Waiting around for your manager to call
Just to tell you that the promoter cancelled tomorrow


I wanna make music the rest of my life
That’s the only thing that make me feel better at night
When I’m sexing her right or if I'm stroking it wrong
All I ever think about is how I wrote her a song


Get the pussy, get the money, get the weed
To think about that is all you’ll ever need
But for some reason I ain’t getting none of these
Making real music is the only thing for me


The world is one big crazy scene
Waking up at night from a crazy dream
Dealing with life will make you scream
Bet having big money changes everything, so I’ma
Track Name: I Don't Like
[Verse 1]
Fake ass people, that’s that shit I don't like
I knew you back from school, how you living is not your life
Yeah I seen your message, I don’t call back, I don’t write
Reason yall my ex’s cause the next bitch gave me dome nice
What the fuck you think hoe? I been doing this for life
I been broke my whole life, so I go hard the whole night
I made beats and I wrote like, I can’t leave til my soul right
I’m tryna bag a red z bone, if not a snow white
You feel me? Everyday my life change, I’m still me
And I’ma keep gunning for they head til the government gon kill me
Give you all the real me, If I said it then it will be
If you want a real beat? Hit Bamboo… $250

[Verse 2]
You post a status for a like? You a lame bro
Thirsty bitches posting pictures? You the same hoe
We laughing at you, never with you, if you ain’t know
Even if they love you online, doll you ain’t dope
Hide behind the internet, that I don't like
Hiding when you send a text, that I don’t like
If that bitch don’t get undressed, that I don’t like
You said you don't suck dick, how you goin lie?
Get on your knees hoe, its 2NAIC3 hoe
3rd World, if you need know
We Kansas City chief smoke
MOOSE F Kennedy, I breathe for a reason
Fall 2012, bringing change you can believe in
Track Name: Lucifer
Bitch I’m red hot
I’m on my third six but the devil I’m not
My Jesus piece flooded but thou shall not covet
Keep your eyes off my cupboard
I’m a bad motherfucker
It’s HOV
Just say you love it

[Sample Chorus]
Lucifer dawn of the morning
I'm gonna chase you out of Earth

I’m the fuckin man, you don't get it do ya
Type of talent, everybody acting like they knew ya
Go Nor Cal, Bay Area bitch
Inner Circle ink on me and I’m reppin it
3rd World with my brother from Day One
Hold it down til our motherfuckin day came
Heaven or hell we dont give a fuck
Heaven or hell we dont give a fuck
(Lucifer, Lucifer dawn of the morning)
You better make it right
'Fore I come swoop her up and I change her life
(Lucifer, Lucifer dawn of the morning)
Ask her how I changed from 06?
I bet she saying aint a damn thang

I bet she saying aint a damn thang
I bet she saying aint a damn thang
Ask her how I changed from 06?
I bet she saying aint a damn thang

[Sample Chorus]
Track Name: Jeff Bernat - If You Wonder (Remix) feat. MOOSE
[MOOSE Verse]
(If you wonder) Why I give you my all?
Cause I think you the baddest
Everything and more, never give you the average
You the gift I’ve been asking
A present to my future, never ever mix you with has beens
A ten with your fashion even with your glasses
Stay super classy while you thick in the assets
Loving how you never listen to whack shit
You know all my songs, sing along to my rapping
Damn you out of this world
Babygirl, lemme put a whole ring on your Saturn
No need to gas you up, and I don’t need to front
If I feel you the one I’ma treat you the one
Yeah I go out and party, I do these for fun
But when its me and you, it’s truly enjoyment
The world I’m avoiding with you, it’s a getaway
You don't mind if we roll a bit and levitate?
You’re all I need like I’m Meth and you Mary J
Mr. Nice Guy half baked and you Mary Jane
Grapple under sheets mix it up like MMA
Losing track of time we don’t even really care today
So if you wonder why I make you sure you never wait
You the only one I wanna see everyday
Real talk I see you as a queen to me
In my arms where you need to be

[Jeff Bernat Verse]
Why I love to give you flowers on a Wednesday
12 dozen roses at your door
Or even light some candles when you come over for dinner
I wouldn’t mind to light a billion more
Or how I like to wake up and see you with no make up
I’d still give you a ring the way you are
Or stay up on the phone late at night when you’re alone
Looking out the window gazing up at stars

So if you’re wondering why I do the things that I do
Honestly I don’t know what to say
All these questions and answers
I just like to have her
Every moment every single day

[Jeff Bernat Verse 2]
Why I love to hold you even in the public
You could call it lovely PDA
I don’t care what city, you could pick out of the 50
States like California in the Bay
Or how I like to take you to church on every Sunday
Holding hands together as we pray
I dont care if people hate, I dont care what people say
Cause my love for you will always be the same.

Track Name: Lady Blue - I Can't Believe It feat. MOOSE
[MOOSE Verse]
(I can't believe it) lately been the popular phrase
When I spend time with her its a marvelous day
I don't even bother to say, that shawty is legit
Cause she already know it but we don't have to speak it
Shawty only swear by that G shit
Down ass chick even got all my weed lit
Yo girl been around the block, but my girl lived around the block
Real lady and she know all that street shit
Save you on some mileage, this fly chick
Definitely always got control of my eyelids
Her mind is vivid, with real ambitions
Could you imagine a girl that actually listens?
I couldn’t believe it, so I had to see it
Now I swear I need it, every single weekend
She got the sweet lyrics that laces all my beats and
As a reward I got her knees as SWV is
her knees goin buckle, whenever we get down
giving her my lap so babygirl can sit down
and when she wanna lay she can bend down
Her heart is my apartment and I’m never paying rent now
Track Name: Dark Fantasy
[Verse 1]
i fantasized about this back in Vegas
having a money stack to pimp slap my haters
not having to pay to rap over a K-West
instro, kinda how im rappin on his introduction
all i want i one thing
be the first person to make it
and if you one of the first people that i came with
mark all my words like Jacobs
i promise you will never have to pay shit
a dark fantasy, the only way to stand out this fake shit
spill my heart imagine all the places
properties and locations
the fucking quality of my makings dont need appraisal
my baby askin me how high will you take us
i say to however high i can paint brush
to wherever the fuck i want my brain touch
dont ever try to question my elevation

[Verse 2]
I think we should, take it to a whole 'nother level then
if this your first time listening, then welcome in
spit that holy gospel even with devil in
2NAI repping here all over everything
year 2010, we just getting started
2011 its bout to get retarded
introduce you to the movement, the new west
not wired like Yeezy, but we spittin rhymes through it
we all makin moves, you could stay in choose
whether you wanna ride or if wanna play to lose
we takin over the streets
coming soon WordPlay mixtape with me over the beats
Capital II, Jeff B and MOOSE
both of us each finna have a solo album too
welcome to what we call the dark fantasy
and if you my enemy, you call it a harsh reality…
Track Name: Runaway (Remix)
[Verse 1]
I was looking through my e-mail
I saw all the pictures that you sent
I cant really go to detail
But I know that you remember that shit
I am feeling so much better now
From all the loving that I took back
Had I stayed, I wonder, would it be the same
I really doubt if I look back
I think back to the other day
Seeing you in front of me, I couldn’t put my love away
Oh you miss me now, guess I’ll put the gun away
Oh you pregnant now, baby seven months away?
You bout to run away? baby what you wanna do
You cant run if the problem’s right in front of you
Take these flowers, in case I’m still in love with you
Although I doubt it, just hope this here is nothing true
I don’t care just keep running boo

[Verse 2]
Even though I know I can’t please everyone
I am still stupid enough to try to get it done
Here I am running all over the place
Tryna put a fucking smile all over your face
Is it worth it? I really hope it is
I didn’t know I had to do this all alone and shit
My mama didn’t warn me, she took the blanket
The one that I was wrapped in, now I’m feeling cold as shit
I’m here stuck with the people I was told to skip
I was always afraid of saying no to them
I kinda wish that I was more a douche bag
I heard girls let those guys in to go do that
Nasty shit, I wanna ask em this?
Why is it when a guy is a gentleman?
He’s only nothing more than your best of friend
You run away to get a better man
You come back you lost a friend again
Track Name: Manny Pacquiao
[Verse 1]
standing tall, all 5 foot 4 my southpaw stance
punch lines make the whole Dow Jones crash
skills you cant touch, no iPhone
on the microphone gone spazz
everyone and they momma, and the neighbor too
congregate stay tune order pay per view
De La Hoya, Hatton, record it DVR
lumpia, pancit add adobo flavor too
thrilla in manila, the new Stevie Wonder J Dilla
flow deep no filler, aint nobody realer
born in the Philippines, ready to infiltrate the scene
hope the whole world’s listening

[Verse 2]
weaving through your punches
movin in and out, quick jab, lean back, then hit you in the stomach
reorganize your organs with a thumper
make you upchuck ya momma meat loaf from last summer
catch me if you can, boy im light speed
look for a white towel that’s something you might need
keep lookin for a left hand smash
your left eye ask, how my right leave you gashed
my glove meet your temple, say haymaker
now meet your maker, goodnight see ya later
I do it with the entire nation on my shoulder
see me killing karaoke when its over

[Verse 3]
the streets empty, my people anxious
waiting for me to paint a picture on the canvas
out the tunnel I’m nervous but I mask it
crowd expect me to kill it, no casket
…I bend over backwards
I know I gotta hold it down for em, chiropractic
6 world title on the line, thinkin I wont have it
Blasphemy [you don’t know] ask for me
Left hook, massive G
Ask Ricky, it is what it cracked to be
Watch HBO24/7 and admire it
It put my last 5 opponents to retirement