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No Ambitions [Remastered Edition]


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February 28, 2010 marks as a special day; it was my best friend and producer Juanito's birthday... and it was the original release day of our mixtape NO AMBITIONS. nearly year later, this tape has been listened to by thousands across the world and featured on YouTube comedian KevJumba's videos. with the humble success it has achieved, i present to you a re-release of the project, fully remastered and including a brand new bonus track!


released December 8, 2010

mixed, mastered, and executive produced by MOOSE
co-produced by Juanito


all rights reserved



MOOSE Nevada

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Track Name: No Introduction
life's a game with no real winners
only prize, the trophy within us
hold the fries and go get the sit ups
you can try but im the only contender
no need to be trained, no need for diet
this tape is free man, no need to buy it
this song was free hand, no need to write it
new song you demand i will prescribe it
No Ambitions mixtape February
other LPs just seem secondary
and my work ethic, focus gettin scary
cuz im birthin new verses, c-serian
c-section, cut this game open
i dont need a record a deal cuz the fame's bogus
so i pick and roll it
like my name B. Jennings and i dish to Bogut
flow deep as oceans
no need for Kobe, no Laker shit
no interruptions, no Taylor Swift
in the doctor's room learning what patient is
got my vision clear, no lasic bitch
and im just chillin
dope rapper, and i dont have to drug deal it
i got one mission
do it just like no other one done did it, like a Doug Williams
get one billion listeners to play my shit
or by 2060 they got my greatest hits
just amazing shit
i prolly wont live to see a playstation 6
but ima keep makin it, long as you playin it
i'm finna stay in this, ignore my laziness
no way im trading this
me, you, and music a threeway relationship
Track Name: Paper feat. KJ Eclipse
[Verse 1 - MOOSE]
as a southpaw its hard to get you paper right
it only come some days like a Laker white
hopin for sweet dreams when you say goodnight
but the future looks grim tryna take your life
cant reap the benefits like a suicide
Like a gold diggin bitch wait for you to die
Your a fool if you thinking that you decide
Anything that you would like thinking they do provide
Like a message to Shake and Meka
tryna play this game better, you’re a fool thinking that they do reply
you can send a lotta letters
you may think it but the taste will never change, Dr. Pepper
sippin slow my ass
all these rappers getting dough? My ass
stick to the rapper code my ass
i'm still no rapper just flowin for time pass
No ambition, I see no paper up in this shit
But still I keep spittin
I don’t have to be the greatest
As long as i don’t end up just bein the latest

[Verse 2 - KJ Eclipse]
We be coppin whips like bentlies, Lambos with the open tops
Bottles of the champagne, henney, And the chains with the coldest rocks
Flossin cuz we call the shots, Run this block til they call the cops
Have us stopped in the parking lot, Wit 2 Glocks cocked and a body drops...
Hold it stop!
Son don't complain now you not that slave
They took that whip that chan, gave you change, now you saved
Homie use your brain, You could've died today
Just let it go, you got your soul, why you want that pay?
It's like we caught in a cycle of sellin life for that right to
Quit 9 to 5' when we'd like to so we don't have to be like who
Society calls the working class
The crew to bust their ass and see that money go fast
See the money won't last, so take that time with that paper son
I know you want that car, that broad, but they fatal done
But yo I ain't the one, rapper true, faking none
I spit for funds just for fun I ain't gotta front
And I know it's hard to digest, but I might just be the brightest
Rapper without that piece to blind your iris
As I write this I just think how paper's timeless
And I find it hard to believe how it breaks us down and binds us
Track Name: Let It Breathe
[Verse 1]
no ambitions
middle finger up is the lone hand signal
pour a few drinks in my cup no sizzurp
15 minutes up no lizard
hibachi flow no Wizards
everyone reasonable doubted me d'evils
said i never make it dude, wore the number zero
always giving raging bull, shit De Niro
girls dumb played me fool bitch Coleco
[how this filipino try to hip hop]
all i heard was shit in they mouth like rim jobs
no ambitions
i do this for fun yet I run laps around what you do for business
i know they can kill a dream
but i wear this condom Joe Swanson, dawg, i dont feel a thing
former colleagues now tryna stop me
probably cuz i mastermind and they couldnt copy
probably cuz i handle mine properly
and they pantemime what i do exactly
like the class clown screwin the prom queen
like the rose that grew in the concrete
MOOSE is methamphetamine do not sleep

(Let it breathe…)

[Verse 2]
no ambitions
cocky spitters tryna jock for positon
hater hold a glock tryna block my consistence
but my constituents know that i can photoshop you out my picture
i'm the rookie tryna box Sonny Liston
Sid Crosby of this hip hop rink shit
i'll never pass the puck
sippin on my Stanley Cup til i get a nasty buzz
i got no ambitions
tryna get change with no transitions
no planned missions, simply day to day
my only goal's not to live pay to pay
get my hustle right and the money follow
get honey to swallow in a monte carlo
my life novel kept me extra humble
king kong on my back gave me extra muscle
cuz once i'm flyin high they'll try to hijack
steer me til i crash to my old life back
MOOSiE F. Baby, my ceilings retractable
keep it closed til im gassed to blast it off
Track Name: Natural
I’ma lay it down, now watch the game deep throat
makin all these records but im goin after Pete Rose
every swings a hit i've been batting bout a thousand
smack it out the park ive been smashing down your houses
do this here forever long as my God allow it
I could catch attention no need to be the loudest
get you bodied, Gwen Stefani, there is no doubt G
swastik you pop shit, in a box show you all these levels you can Nazi
and they front I dont bump like them
so i stunt I don’t care, dawg, I jump right in
spit a prewritten in the cipher though I’d like to
go off the top, man I just write in
before I go all out, 'fore I go for broke
I must Donald trump my ends
dont try to front your in like backbroke
you have hope, if you turn round to the backdoor
yessir I am that cold
unforgettable I am Nat Cole
I don’t add the King cuz my Queen is back home
I don’t have to sing cuz ya know I rap poems
my chain got black stones, my birth rock is Diamonds to me there is no such thing as the word stop
just about anything I put my mind on, I swear the Earth stop
not molded to the stereotype
only bumpin my Zune, I’m not a radio hype
not dissin or hatin or hatin on y'all
but you aint listenin to music til the radio off
now i sense that you need more
and the ball rollin over to my supreme court
your still guilty, and I am still me
M double izzo to the S and its still E
after T-I its still G, E-R you will never be par
keep pushing restart
man, I can go all night
between me and you im who the audience like
Track Name: Ghetto Jungle
[Verse 1]
MOOSiE F. Baby, F is full grown
Vegas been beggin me to sit on my throne
Finger on the button, don’t think that I wont
Bomb ever single dude tryna rap on a song
Lines are insane, wreckless
Mind’s off the grain, a necklace
I’m off the chain you get it?
Very few hot coming out
Hip-hop’s in a drought and I’m serving beverage
I’m working extra, finna gain leverage
Haters are the migraine, I’m the Excedrin
Everybody Will Smith, I am the legend
Everybody’s whack but I’m the exception
Everybody fake wearing tights like wrestlers
So I got up outta there call me Brock Lesnar
Hook up with my dream I can hook you with a ring
’95 Hakeem, you the Clyde Drexler

[Verse 2]
go hard son hood shit
leavin scars like carbon footprint
hip hop is starving for good shit
so I hit em harder like Marvelous hooks did
if you wondering bout the latter, im talkin Marvin Hagler
you a Bob Saget
we not laughin with you dawg we just laughin at ya
if you cant add up, 2 and 2 together
then its time to switch the math up
flip your brain backwards, chase the fame you after
im the main attraction, so i dont have to pass it
you can check the stat sheet, i dont have to pad it
by the time the clock run zero homie thats it
now you season over, stop harvesting
time to stop that on my jock marketing
i could see that fat lady start to sing
life's a breeze when the saints come marching in
Track Name: Talkin Revolution feat. TariqStar
i need a break but, i'd rather breakthrough
make some groundbreaking shit you can relate to
paint a picture where we all can escape to
start a revolution that we all could make through
a split second decision could make or break you
so no take 2's, just take it straight through
head and shoulders over posers and fake dudes
selenium or blimps over stadium
create thoughts and ideas in your cranium
so crazy make these haters more afraid of them
any occasioning, I’ll go catering
make em say oh man! with no Damien
broke transmission, roll downhillin
no ambitions, no damn gimmicks
lets go right for it, Juan my assistant
I go Mike Jordan, he’ll be my Pippen
No Ambitions it’s a revolution
Once you get a clue in, we’ll never lose it
Do this music for the love
We nerds and computer bugs
fucka yes you better get used to us
there is really, really nothing you could do to us
nothing you can take away to get us truly fucked
cuz we Rhode Scholar pimps business suited up
holding drinks, so gifted while zooted up
No Ambitions, no admissions
If you wanna join, just have a listen
Live life with a purpose and a passion
and know that dreams only work if you have one
Track Name: Lazy River
[Verse 1]
Lazy river show is about to begin
Bound to commence
Flow so cold, got the whole North Pole giving bountiful gifts
Now burning hot switch styles on the bitch
Al Gore mad, cuz its now finna to melt
Turn this shit up to as loud as it gets
Wake up the young, and announce to the kids
Mr. MOOSE’s Opus is about to finish
Around 2010, now and again
Bountiful ... in your mouth get a fix

[Verse 2]
its a hairy situation, with no Gary Payton
unsafe love just aint funny, Larry David
curb enthusiasm, words im truly spazzin
make sure strap that thing up with a new elastic
or you'll be laughin, you aint shootin baskets
motherfucker this is real life beauty peagent
put on a fake smile
swear them Jersey Whores always finna play foul
rookies get they face Snookied call em J-Woww
or like bunnies get they honeys tooken
eyes bruised up like 8th mile

[Verse 3]
i have a tiny fascination, for tryna have a place in
the top of the food chain, cant you see im too great
if you cant see it, get a eye replacement
music kinda ill, you might need it vaccinated
so get it while you gettin good music for ya speakers
you and good music a reunion like Madea
your welcome... hope that you love it
hope you play this motherfucker loud up in public
burn this CD and give it to your cousin
hope your momma hear's cussing, and thinks nothin
just keep bumpin
Lazy River show is a non stop flow
forever keep runnin
forever keep runnin
forever keep runnin
flow so cold, forever keep runnin
like you runnin from po-po, forever keep runnin
Track Name: What Is Love
Love is like the smell of fresh kicks out the box
Last day of school, hear the last tick out the clock
Love is like the taste Grape Drink when you thirsty
And you party all night, fuck wakin up early
Love is like when you win the Super Bowl
when you can distinguish a wifey from a super hoe
when you flip a dollar in return you get 2 of those
and Katrina hollas, cuz she giving up Super Dome
love is like running playin tag, fallin on your ass
then your momma put a band aid, move along
love is like an upgrade, to the brand newest phone
and you go call who else, damn Cupid’s phone
damn Cupid dawg, homie what you up to?
[Man nothing much brah, what is it I must do?]
Now I got my girl here, could you spice my love dude?
[Man love is what im all about, yes I’d love to]
Love is like friendship set ablaze
A written down poem wrote in pen you cant erase
like a nice Sunday at Costco, get a taste
love you cant shoot down Rondo in ya face
feelin so dope, roll ganja to your name
no matter whats wrong, you know you cant complain
cuz you feelin high up on top the game
like a press box luxury suite, where the head honcho gettin brain
but to keep it honest, there is plenty drama
dealin with love, is like swimmin with pirannhas
if she give massage today, none tomorrow
if she super sweet, tomorrow she a monster
if you Sinatra, next day you Urkel
things never pan out the same, like Herschel
big ass deal, heavy one sided
like a thick cashier, serving kid ass meals
but you still eat it, regardless if you need it
cuz love's like the weekend, it doesnt come frequent
love is like anything, it could be the corniest
but if you play it right, then she could be the horniest
Track Name: Heavenly Stars
A million rappers, half are bastards
most are whacker than the one right after
nearly all I wouldn’t pay to see
I aint hatin G, but I cant stand none of em
So I just take a seat
My chair placed way higher than yours
On a atmosphere that stay flyer than yours
Your music got me all mighty bored
Mine? Deserves all kinds of awards
To fill my house wit fine décor
I’m grinding you still tryna record
Your whining, voice dried of course
Why you find it hard? You never goin make it
haters used to say it to my face all the time
but I was dedicated, and I waited for my shine
now I just spray it to these fake ass actors
no matter what style they play as rappers
whether they front about money or bitches
or they tryna backpack, who you tryna swagger jack
I play it hard, still tryna chase tomorrow
cuz i never thought hip hop would take it this far
I never thought hip hop would take it this far
Down at ground levels, cuz you look up to stars
So called stars… pretending that you know who they are
Track Name: Microscope
[Verse 1]
the worst pains in life aint often this scary
cuz no feeling like goin through a miscarriage
you dont know if you did get a rotten deal
real conflict's knowing how not to feel
how i'm gonna be sad about missed life?
when i know i aint ready yet to give life
cuz my own life, aint shit right
and this trouble doubled, make you think twice
life flashes you by, then stop suddenly
for another life that you think of nothingly
makes you think if the makin love really worth it
if for God's little gift we even deserving
hope he dont say if not now, why later?
cuz a family's my dream one day i'll make it
i wanna be ready when its done waiting
but for now tears running down young faces

[Verse 2]
this life is crazy, heavy things weigh me
down, underground opposite of Jay-Z
wonder if he truly did help down in Haiti
gotta lotta money ever wonder if he hate it
cuz the money's here but what if all the money goes?
and it takes with it, the life it juxtapose
homie i dont know i aint never seen money
i'm so broke, mice dont steal cheese from me
hahaha... i know thats some loser shit
turn the TV on, watch [stupid shit]
turn to CNN, this is too legit
hundred fifty thou dead i aint used to this
its like watchin the Gulf Coast, underwater
makes your problems seem even that much smaller
so you decide to donate text "Haiti"
but reality knows some wont make it
regardless though, you fundraise it
hope it wipe away tears down young faces
Track Name: Groove Intermission
No Ambitions here, only with a gameplan
And my vision clear, even with my Ray Bans
So while you still sittin here, day end dreamer
Im the Slumdog Millionaire looking for Latika
Runway clearer, I know where my plane lands
poker face reader, I can see your lame hand
every rapper sayin they playing the game so damn easy
that maybe everyone of them's a caveman
workin for the dough, never do the rain dance
project gettin blown, turn it from a wasteland
build it to an empire, MOOSE into a name brand
State of mind figured out didn’t need a brain scan
Lookin for an audience loyal like Lil Wayne fans
Walk into the grocery store, hearing you name chant
People done told me before, to be patient
Told me to keep my mouth closed, freemason
But I gotta spill it out, talk my shit and figure out
How I can lay my dreams down and live it out
as a producer/artist doing Ryan Leslie better
level mile higher than nose bleeds at Pepsi Center
competition to me is just awkward
like how Drizzy will be up in concert
in the groove, but one wrong move
tear ACL like Kenan Kel did Harper
Ron Ron, i Artest-ed
positive for just being the mothereffin bestest
in the crowd, with spectators never patient
gettin down, cuz we do it for your entertainment
Track Name: Been Away
[Verse 1]
get ready for debacle at hand, unknown to a popular man
new money in the pocket of pants, you lose it all to cocksucker damn
mission impossible and, vision get lost in trance
kitchen where you start to pretend, wishin world in the palm of your hand
snooze button, two muffins, the dreams that, you lust in
you lost in, aint nothing, you wish you stay all up in
this world your spot to command, everygirl that you want to pull in
right there at the palm of your hand, mom hit you with a pot and a pan
you wake up to her backhand, go to school with no backpack
home girl there with the fat ass, tambourine yea I tap that
bell ring you such a badass, always come late to that class
teacher say you done messed up, she give another lecture
once again you fall in trance, this world you crawl up in
away from problems that’s stopping you from all your dreams
fantasy world where everything is simply what it seems
tells you where you should be you wonder what all of it means

[Verse 2]
My name these people ask for, they ask what do I stand for
I say the streets I stand on, one day I’ll be the landlord
For now I dream to have more, Adrian P the handoff
I twist ya ankle, tear you knee, even go break the backboard
Correction shatter the glass, fitzgerald handle the pass
But if you drop it forever you’ll never have it back
mr. popularity, is this what i have to be?
to have my music playin and be famous in reality?
cuz if it is then its not worth a damn to me
when theres no ambitions, theres is no limits, no master P
the dreams i have in me, every night its haunting me
but if ever I don’t make it then this shit still belong to me
Track Name: Home
wherever you are
you right here with me, deep in my heart
cuz that's my home
yeah i'm talkin bout home
if you feelin alone
wherever you are
i'm right there with you, no matter how far
i'm running back home
yes i'm talkin bout home
yea i'm talkin bout home...

[Verse 1]
home where in everybody song
they reppin where they from, but im the only one
that doesn’t shout a town
they love cheering for the home team
but MOOSiE just standing out of bounds
everywhere I go I say that im from out of town
just because I never really fit where im around
I havent dropped my bags, I’m always on the move
But if you come with me, I could tell you bout how I do
April 6, ’91 born in the P.I.
moved to the H.I. when I was bout knee high
my levis only straight fitted
I pass on skinnies, son I like em thick with it (do you feel me)
never wear a uniform
my outfit is so outta here cuz the galaxy that I am shootin from
turn up my sound I put it down when I do a song
to anyone who ever doubted me, ha damn you was wrong!
I tell my story
mother had my sister a couple years before me
she tried to go leave my pops, couldnt afford it
she lost her happiness
but she can admit, that I’m the world’s best accident


[Verse 2]
a 2 bedroom apartment
where I grew a pair of cojones
walked alone in the morning, crossroads caution
still stuck on the big dreams I’m lost in
seen a couple coffins, grandparents love you
then I lost the uncle I was basically stuck to
he inspired me to get fly and reach for the sky
not knowing he’d be up there himself looking down
tryna make him proud, I sampled his favorite record
hold my speakers high, hoping it could play in heaven
so if you raise the question, why I keep my head up
I always pay attention, to everyone who left us
because through me, they can live the dream
put my city on, so they can hit the scene
all is good if I robin hood
give all the money to my country folks down in the Philippines
with enough in my bank account
So I can say I earned it all to the last amount
Whether its through the music or the hustling
Be the man that you wish that you coulda been


[Verse 3]
home, where I keep my sanity
rebel with a plan, and i never needed clarity
never gave a damn, if anybody is mad at me
casually, I take a sip from every cup they hand to me
life’s better buzzing
cant tell me nothing, I wish a motherfucker would try interrupting
this is my home
there is no crown you could try to put on, to take my throne
hailing from Vegas
feelin like hip-hop’s most underrated
dig my way up from the basement I was placed in
more than replacement for ancient music im the facelift
more than latest
lookin for the craziest buzz to the top like Anthony Mason
there is no reason for me not to have this feeling
music is my home, dawg I am never leaving
Track Name: Turned Off My Phone (Bonus Track)
[Verse 1]
im getting tired of your shit
you always nag me about something
and every time your friends around
tell me why you always fronting
now why can't you just be yourself all the time
see I've been having this on my mind for a long time
I just want it to be you and me like it used to be, baby
but you don't know how to act, so if you wonderin where im at

girl i just turned off my phone
i just need time alone, you make me lose my fuckin cool
girl i just turned off my phone
made sure my ass is not home

[Verse 2]
now every time i ask you for a little ass
you say no but turn right around, make me pay for gas
see i dont got no problem payin for no shit
but when you always askin, and you never let me hit, hold up!
Everytime we go somewhere
you take your superhoe dumbass friends
and i pay your way and homegirl’s way
and sometimes your dyke friend Shay
one Friday girl, we coulda kicked it
but you was with your homeboys, now you fuckin did it
that aint right child
I’ma knock his lights out, don’t worry where im at


i'ma keep it honest boo, whenever i'm callin you
it aint like i wanted to, you sweatin me, you testing me
so baby we oughta do this aint how its supposed to be
you want me to cry for you, shit i aint no Jodeci
if you get that close to me, its best that you hold on to me
its not like you goin find another dude that is as dope as me