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All In [prod. by Juanito]

from by MOOSE

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[Verse 1]
i be all up in the mix
this that bounce hydraulic hit the switch
plottin to hit this lick
salivas all in ya conscience
when a poet laureate spit
proper grammar when i kick
my every day shit
sade singin by your side while i ride my spaceship
captain kirk of enterprise 9 to 5 day shift
5 to 9 got that work lemme pump this bass quick
throwing up hand signal lemme run this play quick
with the dream team what a bunch
eating these weak fucks up oh what lunch
a bunch of runner ups
they got something to say
send em on my way, i could get em goin i could shut em up
catch me round town with a button up
with the fragrance of that grade A i crumbled up
on the way to the come up, on the daily i double up
whatever trebeck throw im never stumped
yea i gotta stunt

This that bounce, this that groove you can step 2
If you too allergic to bull then bless you [6x]

what can they say they cant tell me a thang
we done came a long way
and they dont know how we made it

[Verse 2]
I be lost in translation
all in my scarlett johannsen's vibrations
Shield organizations, fighting off aliens
thats Fuckin up my chi, while i fuck up these beats
with Juanito on the dish i shoot it for the 3
This year i'm 2-3, my 8th year in the league
Whatever comes next i guess what's meant to be
My family finances reaching stability
Off god givin abilities
Make it through record breaking storms like Philippines
Dont want your applause to fill our needs
I just need to pay these damn loans off, get this cheese
Light a doobie up on top of the Alps and just feel the breeze
Send moms to Austria off the sound of music
Sending love to those listenin and loungin to it
To all my mofckn folks down with the movement
Fuck a clique or name just be down to do it

This that bounce, this that groove you can step 2
If you too allergic to bull then bless you


from miscellaneous MOOSE tracks, track released April 6, 2014
produced by Juanito
mixed by MOOSE
mastered by Marion Write


all rights reserved



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