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Chuck Taylors

from by MOOSE

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[Verse 1]
On my Chuck Taylor shit
Love haters when they hug and Jadakiss
Vintage watch made back in ‘86
On my West Africa, praise Chaka Zulu chain bracelet
Man, they is hating this
Fresh pair of Levi, sag a little so they can see my
Behind, so these haters got something they could kiss
J’s and shit, don’t really make my dick
Harder like a fake thug, that forever stay a bitch
I don’t make a hit, just so I can stay in this
I’ll be always gone, like biological pops that don’t raise a kid
Every single morning I would take a pick
What kind of outfit I could rock, they would jock, everyday and shit
They say that I got, way too much swagger for my own good
But what they say don’t matter
Under my own hood I could stay warm
Flooding her thoughts, you girl stay out calling me her brainstorm

[Chorus 2x]
Watch me walk it out
Watch me, watch me walk it out
Watch me walk it out
Watch me, watch me walk it out
Watch me walk it out
Watch me, watch me walk it out
Like Unk in my black leather Chucks
and it go like...

[Verse 2]
On my fuck haters, fake shoes, and them fake hoes
Wannabe rapping ass gay dudes in play clothes
Been about my Chucks way before Taylor Gang
Way before Say Yeah and Wiz Khalifa made his name
Wasn’t a Jordan head, couldn’t afford a pair
Mama took me to the Converse store and she lost me there
$30 bucks and I have enough for an outfit
Balling on a budget homie yea I’m all about it
And I yell it proudest, not a fucking problem
I buy Chucks cause I’m broke as fuck, and I don't have an option
Rather keep my dollars in my pocket
Stop making music if you don't have Reason or some Logic
All that non sense, I’m better shit
Bougie ass hype beast, pessimist repping clicks
You know the real Dream Team’s 2NAI homie
And you know who rock jersey number 9 homie?


[Verse 3]
Lupe I had to bite that one from ya
Shit I’d rather bite from the best, than to write a
line that will prolly fly by everybody head
break it down a sec, break everybody bread
I had to pay homage to the kid
My favorite MC’s let me let you know the list
It go Kanye, Jay-Z, Andre, I’m talkin three stacks
Common, Kweli and me now the bring beat back
Nas, Big L, Lauryn Hill and Pac
Biggie, Slim Shady, Q-Tip and Nas
Last but I’m sure not the least Mos Def in it
If you aint even on my list, guess you better quit
Yea you better sit, I just can’t stand you
I gotta get away and scramble, like Randall
Cunningham, you played out like the running man
If you hate the back, stop fronting then



from Meant To Be, released May 24, 2011
samples: "It Ain't Hard To Tell" by Nas
produced by: MOOSE
writers: M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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