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from by MOOSE

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[Verse 1]
La di dah haters, haters on my jock
Wake up, wake up to my neighbors gang banging on my block
Acting tough and hard tryna fucking scissor up my mood
But these fool they forgot, paper always beats a rock
La di dah problems, problems all I got
My life a vicious circle and they put me up in a box
With a quarter, put my life in order, pull the lever on the slot
Hope the triple 7 show up just so I can win the pot
Now I’m bout hit the spot, hoping that my lyrics hot
Wonder how my life will be soon as my 15 minutes stop
Life is like a game, but not everybody hits the shot
So I am ball hogging it til somebody can steal the rock
La di dah, I’m bout to pop off like double D’s at Mardi Gras
All night body shots
Party til I drop, smash shorty dumpling, squash
Any type beef or pumpkin with karate chops
Check the body clock, time zones all across the globe
Ain’t no problem where we go cause we already home
California, Reno, Vegas get this motherfucker going
Got the homies blunted rolling, and the Coke and Rum is flowing

Everysinglebody throw your, throw your twos up
Every, everysinglebody throw your, throw your two up
Reno, Vegas, Southern Cali, throw your, throw your twos up
Northern Cali, everybody throw your, throw your two up
Calling all 2NAI, we goin get it right tonight
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight
And it begins
Everysinglebody welcome to this fucking party, yea we letting you in

Yes we're letting you in
Drowning all your stress baby get you drink
Even for one night say goodbye to the problems of the week
Got the bombest fucking trees and we got it all for free
All for free, the best shit in life
The only way to be, is to fucking get it right
Get it right, get it right
Throw your ring and your pinky fingers up
2NAI over everybody else, we dont give a fuck!

[Chorus 2x]


Throw a two up, yall should just leave it
higher, riot, try it, you might like it, Mr. MOOSiE F will supply it
higher, like a, screamer, up to your breather
let it feed ya, with needed, vitamin B, CD’s, easy
reader, dopeness off the meter
couple liters, guzzle liters, I reaper
I been treated like a mattress I need to
ether these sleepers, casket, my beats are
no peach fuzz, flow deeper, Everysinglebody
here need to, smoke two blunts, don't you budge, hold your two’s up


from Meant To Be, released May 24, 2011
produced by: MOOSE
writers: M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



MOOSE Nevada

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