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[Verse 1]
MOOSiE F. Baby, F is full grown
Vegas been beggin me to sit on my throne
Finger on the button, don’t think that I wont
Bomb ever single dude tryna rap on a song
Lines are insane, wreckless
Mind’s off the grain, a necklace
I’m off the chain you get it?
Very few hot coming out
Hip-hop’s in a drought and I’m serving beverage
I’m working extra, finna gain leverage
Haters are the migraine, I’m the Excedrin
Everybody Will Smith, I am the legend
Everybody’s whack but I’m the exception
Everybody fake wearing tights like wrestlers
So I got up outta there call me Brock Lesnar
Hook up with my dream I can hook you with a ring
’95 Hakeem, you the Clyde Drexler

[Verse 2]
go hard son hood shit
leavin scars like carbon footprint
hip hop is starving for good shit
so I hit em harder like Marvelous hooks did
if you wondering bout the latter, im talkin Marvin Hagler
you a Bob Saget
we not laughin with you dawg we just laughin at ya
if you cant add up, 2 and 2 together
then its time to switch the math up
flip your brain backwards, chase the fame you after
im the main attraction, so i dont have to pass it
you can check the stat sheet, i dont have to pad it
by the time the clock run zero homie thats it
now you season over, stop harvesting
time to stop that on my jock marketing
i could see that fat lady start to sing
life's a breeze when the saints come marching in


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
samples: "Can I Get Witcha" by Notorious B.I.G. and "Da Art of Storytelling" by Outkast
produced by: Juanito & MOOSE
writers: M. Munoz
mixed & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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