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Groove Intermission

from by MOOSE



No Ambitions here, only with a gameplan
And my vision clear, even with my Ray Bans
So while you still sittin here, day end dreamer
Im the Slumdog Millionaire looking for Latika
Runway clearer, I know where my plane lands
poker face reader, I can see your lame hand
every rapper sayin they playing the game so damn easy
that maybe everyone of them's a caveman
workin for the dough, never do the rain dance
project gettin blown, turn it from a wasteland
build it to an empire, MOOSE into a name brand
State of mind figured out didn’t need a brain scan
Lookin for an audience loyal like Lil Wayne fans
Walk into the grocery store, hearing you name chant
People done told me before, to be patient
Told me to keep my mouth closed, freemason
But I gotta spill it out, talk my shit and figure out
How I can lay my dreams down and live it out
as a producer/artist doing Ryan Leslie better
level mile higher than nose bleeds at Pepsi Center
competition to me is just awkward
like how Drizzy will be up in concert
in the groove, but one wrong move
tear ACL like Kenan Kel did Harper
Ron Ron, i Artest-ed
positive for just being the mothereffin bestest
in the crowd, with spectators never patient
gettin down, cuz we do it for your entertainment


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
produced by: Juanito & MOOSE
writers: M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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