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Hardwood Classics feat. Mosaek [prod. by Juanito & MOOSE]

from by MOOSE



track 7 from the album LOYALTY featuring Mosaek


Over and ahead of my time
Even if we never on time
Steady on the grind
Even if we never recline
Never will I never get mine

[MOOSE Verse 1]
I’ma start it off like
Right up off the bat, fuck who guarding all night
Step up on the field you might start it alright
At the end of the night you’ll be carted off quite
Confused why you tried, bruised up denied
Automatic lace my Marty McFly’s
Hit 88 miles, time to see serious shit
From the opening tip you’ll feel inferior bitch
Cheerleaders sidelines just twerking a bit
Drive it down the baseline just working to dish
While everybody stuck here doing the same thing
I might as well take the shit all the way in
While everybody here sounding like an AAU coach
Talking bout how I should settle for JUCO
Fuck that I’m too cold
I’ma do college chicks, graduate then go do pros
Then retire go sign as the new coach
Pulling hoes off the bench and let Kukoc
More Muggsy than Manute Bol
But dawg trust me you don’t wanna reach or guard too close
Still got handles, still got home court advantage
Whether a stadium or studio
Still hungry, still got the munchies
Still grind get the money or get a clue bro


[MOOSE Verse 2]
Hit the hardwood, as hard as I could
Sixth man of the year til I’m starting for good
Sure it’d be good be James Harden it up
But I’d rather raise a championship title in this
We playing with hall of fame sliders in this
Til the hall of fame call our name, enshrine us and shit
Back to training camp, kicking with my camp and shit
Still sticking with my guns and family
No AK, I’m speaking symbolically
Back from vacay adding more stamps again
Balled overtime spent a lotta cash again
Working overtime tryna get it back again
Working for the piece of shit’s over at Tommy Hill
Clock in, get my check, get the fuck up out of there
From lifting boxes of that whack outerwear
To saving up design and make my own outfit here
Find a home outta here
Split up the Roca and sell my good half of the Rocawear
That’s the reality, it’s the way it gotta be
Learned from day one we all tryna get broccoli
But there’s way more of the galaxy I gotta see
Show em a better way to flow make the hotter beat
Just tryna pay the bills at the end of the day
Keep it more real with more money to make
Can't forget my birthplace heart still in the P.I.
Loyal to B.K. and listening to B.I.
Circa RJ, Kidd on the fast break
She say I’m Kerry Kittles when I hit it from behind
Rewind the game tape, study it for game day
Fucked up y'all defense running all the same plays
Replay our game so all of y'all can catch this
History in the making hardwood classics


[Mosaek Verse]
Do Mose go hard in the paint? Yes he do
Turkoglu with the face looking like Perkins do
Tayshaun Prince in my city til I'm Bernard King
Grinding, moving it like Sacramento things
Dennis Rodman how i hustle then I hit the pivot
Dreamshake I'm living in the block, get it how I get it
Earning my Penny the Hardaway
Working til my heart decay
But never will I never get mine
Steady on the grind
Pressure heavy but I'm ready throw a dime
2000 Vince Carter when I rise
Catch me with my arm in the hoop
Flexing on the net
Every session til I'm lacing them checks
Air Jordan uno with the coolest MOOSE you know
Illest backcourt too since Lebron and Wade duo
Doing our thing til we cha ching mothafucka
Spalding balling the stadium's calling
If rap was a game I'd be MVP
Sponsored by N-I-K-E in a Mercedes
Living lavish spending cabbage with my family
If dreams really happen, David Stern wouldn't grant em
But scouts recognizing the planet
My team is rocking yo campus
And after all of us drafted we rim rocking the planet
On the real they couldn't make this line
Hang my jersey when its time 2-N-A-I


from Loyalty, released November 19, 2013
(M. Munoz, J. Flores, S. Rabanal) (BMI)
Produced by Juanito & MOOSE
Recorded by MOOSE in Las Vegas, NV; PyroSpoken in Stockton, CA
Mixed by MOOSE in Las Vegas, NV


all rights reserved



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