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Heavenly Stars

from by MOOSE



A million rappers, half are bastards
most are whacker than the one right after
nearly all I wouldn’t pay to see
I aint hatin G, but I cant stand none of em
So I just take a seat
My chair placed way higher than yours
On a atmosphere that stay flyer than yours
Your music got me all mighty bored
Mine? Deserves all kinds of awards
To fill my house wit fine décor
I’m grinding you still tryna record
Your whining, voice dried of course
Why you find it hard? You never goin make it
haters used to say it to my face all the time
but I was dedicated, and I waited for my shine
now I just spray it to these fake ass actors
no matter what style they play as rappers
whether they front about money or bitches
or they tryna backpack, who you tryna swagger jack
I play it hard, still tryna chase tomorrow
cuz i never thought hip hop would take it this far
I never thought hip hop would take it this far
Down at ground levels, cuz you look up to stars
So called stars… pretending that you know who they are


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
produced by: Juanito
writers: M. Munoz
mixed & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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