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wherever you are
you right here with me, deep in my heart
cuz that's my home
yeah i'm talkin bout home
if you feelin alone
wherever you are
i'm right there with you, no matter how far
i'm running back home
yes i'm talkin bout home
yea i'm talkin bout home...

[Verse 1]
home where in everybody song
they reppin where they from, but im the only one
that doesn’t shout a town
they love cheering for the home team
but MOOSiE just standing out of bounds
everywhere I go I say that im from out of town
just because I never really fit where im around
I havent dropped my bags, I’m always on the move
But if you come with me, I could tell you bout how I do
April 6, ’91 born in the P.I.
moved to the H.I. when I was bout knee high
my levis only straight fitted
I pass on skinnies, son I like em thick with it (do you feel me)
never wear a uniform
my outfit is so outta here cuz the galaxy that I am shootin from
turn up my sound I put it down when I do a song
to anyone who ever doubted me, ha damn you was wrong!
I tell my story
mother had my sister a couple years before me
she tried to go leave my pops, couldnt afford it
she lost her happiness
but she can admit, that I’m the world’s best accident


[Verse 2]
a 2 bedroom apartment
where I grew a pair of cojones
walked alone in the morning, crossroads caution
still stuck on the big dreams I’m lost in
seen a couple coffins, grandparents love you
then I lost the uncle I was basically stuck to
he inspired me to get fly and reach for the sky
not knowing he’d be up there himself looking down
tryna make him proud, I sampled his favorite record
hold my speakers high, hoping it could play in heaven
so if you raise the question, why I keep my head up
I always pay attention, to everyone who left us
because through me, they can live the dream
put my city on, so they can hit the scene
all is good if I robin hood
give all the money to my country folks down in the Philippines
with enough in my bank account
So I can say I earned it all to the last amount
Whether its through the music or the hustling
Be the man that you wish that you coulda been


[Verse 3]
home, where I keep my sanity
rebel with a plan, and i never needed clarity
never gave a damn, if anybody is mad at me
casually, I take a sip from every cup they hand to me
life’s better buzzing
cant tell me nothing, I wish a motherfucker would try interrupting
this is my home
there is no crown you could try to put on, to take my throne
hailing from Vegas
feelin like hip-hop’s most underrated
dig my way up from the basement I was placed in
more than replacement for ancient music im the facelift
more than latest
lookin for the craziest buzz to the top like Anthony Mason
there is no reason for me not to have this feeling
music is my home, dawg I am never leaving


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
produced by: MOOSE
writers: M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



MOOSE Nevada

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