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Jeff Bernat - If You Wonder (Remix) feat. MOOSE

from by MOOSE

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[MOOSE Verse]
(If you wonder) Why I give you my all?
Cause I think you the baddest
Everything and more, never give you the average
You the gift I’ve been asking
A present to my future, never ever mix you with has beens
A ten with your fashion even with your glasses
Stay super classy while you thick in the assets
Loving how you never listen to whack shit
You know all my songs, sing along to my rapping
Damn you out of this world
Babygirl, lemme put a whole ring on your Saturn
No need to gas you up, and I don’t need to front
If I feel you the one I’ma treat you the one
Yeah I go out and party, I do these for fun
But when its me and you, it’s truly enjoyment
The world I’m avoiding with you, it’s a getaway
You don't mind if we roll a bit and levitate?
You’re all I need like I’m Meth and you Mary J
Mr. Nice Guy half baked and you Mary Jane
Grapple under sheets mix it up like MMA
Losing track of time we don’t even really care today
So if you wonder why I make you sure you never wait
You the only one I wanna see everyday
Real talk I see you as a queen to me
In my arms where you need to be

[Jeff Bernat Verse]
Why I love to give you flowers on a Wednesday
12 dozen roses at your door
Or even light some candles when you come over for dinner
I wouldn’t mind to light a billion more
Or how I like to wake up and see you with no make up
I’d still give you a ring the way you are
Or stay up on the phone late at night when you’re alone
Looking out the window gazing up at stars

So if you’re wondering why I do the things that I do
Honestly I don’t know what to say
All these questions and answers
I just like to have her
Every moment every single day

[Jeff Bernat Verse 2]
Why I love to hold you even in the public
You could call it lovely PDA
I don’t care what city, you could pick out of the 50
States like California in the Bay
Or how I like to take you to church on every Sunday
Holding hands together as we pray
I dont care if people hate, I dont care what people say
Cause my love for you will always be the same.



from miscellaneous MOOSE tracks, track released December 6, 2011
samples "On The Sentimental Side" by Billie Holliday
produced by: JBird
writers: J. Bernat; M. Munoz


all rights reserved



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