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[Verse 1]
Lazy river show is about to begin
Bound to commence
Flow so cold, got the whole North Pole giving bountiful gifts
Now burning hot switch styles on the bitch
Al Gore mad, cuz its now finna to melt
Turn this shit up to as loud as it gets
Wake up the young, and announce to the kids
Mr. MOOSE’s Opus is about to finish
Around 2010, now and again
Bountiful ... in your mouth get a fix

[Verse 2]
its a hairy situation, with no Gary Payton
unsafe love just aint funny, Larry David
curb enthusiasm, words im truly spazzin
make sure strap that thing up with a new elastic
or you'll be laughin, you aint shootin baskets
motherfucker this is real life beauty peagent
put on a fake smile
swear them Jersey Whores always finna play foul
rookies get they face Snookied call em J-Woww
or like bunnies get they honeys tooken
eyes bruised up like 8th mile

[Verse 3]
i have a tiny fascination, for tryna have a place in
the top of the food chain, cant you see im too great
if you cant see it, get a eye replacement
music kinda ill, you might need it vaccinated
so get it while you gettin good music for ya speakers
you and good music a reunion like Madea
your welcome... hope that you love it
hope you play this motherfucker loud up in public
burn this CD and give it to your cousin
hope your momma hear's cussing, and thinks nothin
just keep bumpin
Lazy River show is a non stop flow
forever keep runnin
forever keep runnin
forever keep runnin
flow so cold, forever keep runnin
like you runnin from po-po, forever keep runnin


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
produced by: Juanito
writers: M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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