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Liquid Courage feat. Mikey Manifest & Viberoc [prod. by JBird & MOOSE]

from by MOOSE



track 10 from the album LOYALTY featuring Mikey Manifest & Viberoc


Feeling wired now I’m tryna approach
Feeling inspired, chilling right in my zone
Put every fear away tonight is the night
Always late but we still timing it right

(I thought I told you that we won’t stop
I thought I told you that we won’t stop)

Put every fear away tonight is the night
Always late but we still timing it right

[MOOSE Verse]
No doubt
Breathing this oxygen, teeshirt moccasin obvi smoked out
Yellin fuck the police motherfuck Congress loud as shit
Window rolled down
Chilling zoned out with West Coast connection
Plotting to break the bank, invest in next shit
No way the old shit better than the next shit
Precisely rolled joints forever with the best shit
Sharpen up the craft, go harder with the axe
Every trepidation, covered with a mask
Debt piling up, pay it all back
Invest in some trust, then make it all back
Build empire up, to rival all them higher up
So it’s us hire them not them hire us
Beginner buyer’s luck, never had it going
Just swinging for the fence, winging it as we go in
Adjusting the aperture and fixing focus
See new angles, capture the moment
Fuck a bonus, I’m snatching my promotion
Date the boss daughter, maybe get some dome in
Takeover the throne, with God as my witness
Be who I am, if I’m made in his image
Stand where I stand, have no worries
Even with no liquid courage, bitch


[Viberoc Verse]


from Loyalty, released November 19, 2013
(M. Munoz, J. Cowell, M. Manifest, S. Empacis, B. Wright) (BMI)
Produced by JBird & MOOSE
Recorded by MOOSE in Las Vegas, NV; Mikey Manifest in San Francisco, CA; Viberoc in San Francisco, CA
Mixed by MOOSE in Las Vegas, NV
Contains samples from "Who Do You Love" by Bernard Wright
Contains audio excerpt from the motion picture "Paid In Full"


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