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[Verse 1]
the worst pains in life aint often this scary
cuz no feeling like goin through a miscarriage
you dont know if you did get a rotten deal
real conflict's knowing how not to feel
how i'm gonna be sad about missed life?
when i know i aint ready yet to give life
cuz my own life, aint shit right
and this trouble doubled, make you think twice
life flashes you by, then stop suddenly
for another life that you think of nothingly
makes you think if the makin love really worth it
if for God's little gift we even deserving
hope he dont say if not now, why later?
cuz a family's my dream one day i'll make it
i wanna be ready when its done waiting
but for now tears running down young faces

[Verse 2]
this life is crazy, heavy things weigh me
down, underground opposite of Jay-Z
wonder if he truly did help down in Haiti
gotta lotta money ever wonder if he hate it
cuz the money's here but what if all the money goes?
and it takes with it, the life it juxtapose
homie i dont know i aint never seen money
i'm so broke, mice dont steal cheese from me
hahaha... i know thats some loser shit
turn the TV on, watch [stupid shit]
turn to CNN, this is too legit
hundred fifty thou dead i aint used to this
its like watchin the Gulf Coast, underwater
makes your problems seem even that much smaller
so you decide to donate text "Haiti"
but reality knows some wont make it
regardless though, you fundraise it
hope it wipe away tears down young faces


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
produced by: Juanito
writers: M. Munoz
mixed & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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