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Mind Gone feat. Michael Carreon

from by MOOSE

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[Verse 1]
Seems like every night get repetitive
Claiming last night was the best that we ever been
Downing every shot, and taking every hit
Next day feeling shitty saying that you’ll never drink
It’s funny how we claim to have the best night ever
Wake up next morning feeling so much worse than better
Regretting, the otherwise southern fried sweet ass you getting
Behind your girl, you never learn the lesson
The problem isn’t doing the right or the wrong shit
Which head to follow is usually the conflict
Blood rushes to the wrong head
You end up doing the opposite of whatever that your mom said
But whatever though, it’s been a hard year
Smoke and drink away the pain that my heart feel
My mind blown and it’s looking like a bomb threat
My mind gone I’m still good from all that bomb shit

Trying to make it home tonight, before my time is gone
Trying to make it home in time, so I can rights my wrongs
Trying to see my baby, I know she hates me
All I want is, to focus, cause my mind keeps going
It’s going, going gone
Before my time is gone
Before my time is gone

[Verse 2]
Take a hit one time for the stress of life
Take a hit two times so it hit you twice
Take a drink double shot so you feeling right
Start thinking bout where you gonna end tonight
In her dorm room, maybe in my backseat
Make sure she don't see the underwear from last week
From the last girl, thought she would lasted
Longer than a few days, now she’s fucking past tense
Fuck it I’m past it, I’m honestly faded
Feeling like a grown up, I am chocolate wasted
Left that morning, said to call her my lady
She’s such a sweet girl, I’ll be honest, I tasted
But now I’m home to who I’m calling my baby
She laying on my bed, man she probably naked
She probably waited, now I’m feeling guilty
Knowing cause I’m never sober, I never give her the real me

i ask her what they call her, last name Jane
first name Mary, she ask can she stay
i said thank you for the evening, the blessing you gave
dont get me wrong, i loved everythang
but for the moment, i dont know where I'm going
its like im fuckin up all the rest of my life
and even though I love this feeling, I am hoping
I can sober the fuck up, and feel better tonight


from Meant To Be, released May 24, 2011
produced by: MOOSE
co-produced by: Juanito
writers: M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



MOOSE Nevada

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