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I’ma lay it down, now watch the game deep throat
makin all these records but im goin after Pete Rose
every swings a hit i've been batting bout a thousand
smack it out the park ive been smashing down your houses
do this here forever long as my God allow it
I could catch attention no need to be the loudest
get you bodied, Gwen Stefani, there is no doubt G
swastik you pop shit, in a box show you all these levels you can Nazi
and they front I dont bump like them
so i stunt I don’t care, dawg, I jump right in
spit a prewritten in the cipher though I’d like to
go off the top, man I just write in
before I go all out, 'fore I go for broke
I must Donald trump my ends
dont try to front your in like backbroke
you have hope, if you turn round to the backdoor
yessir I am that cold
unforgettable I am Nat Cole
I don’t add the King cuz my Queen is back home
I don’t have to sing cuz ya know I rap poems
my chain got black stones, my birth rock is Diamonds to me there is no such thing as the word stop
just about anything I put my mind on, I swear the Earth stop
not molded to the stereotype
only bumpin my Zune, I’m not a radio hype
not dissin or hatin or hatin on y'all
but you aint listenin to music til the radio off
now i sense that you need more
and the ball rollin over to my supreme court
your still guilty, and I am still me
M double izzo to the S and its still E
after T-I its still G, E-R you will never be par
keep pushing restart
man, I can go all night
between me and you im who the audience like


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
samples: "Try Love Again" by The Natural Four
writers: C. James, M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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