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Night Owl (Album Version) [prod. by MOOSE]

from by MOOSE



track 4 from the album Loyalty



[Verse 1]
Saw my gift of gab was just sitting on its ass
Since I’m chilling in a lab, started scribbling on the pad
No time to get me a nap
Gotta lock myself in, and try to pull riddles out the hat
Lately days made it less simple just to rap
Trouble in the way, I’m tryna stay on the path
Looking for greener grass, pastures to relax
Hope I don't gotta ask Siri for the map
Noticed the other day every rapper’s in a pack
Harder to find artists that are rapping bout facts
Maybe its just me, consider myself a loner
Folks considered me a stoner, polo sport hide the odor
Sunrise show up, I couldn’t hide my boner
Ready to beat the pussy of whatever the day show us
Guess its time to roll up, and ride out
No need to hideout
Running on no sleep, I’m just another night owl

Blessed are the owls
For they shall inherit the mystery and magic of the night
So wrong, is it so wrong
I’m tripping on the shit I never seen I never known
Go rest up for now
Catch up in the morn when we done made it happen last night
So wrong, is it so wrong
I’m tripping on the shit I never seen I never known

[Verse 2]
Man the sun up somewhere
Tank on E still giving not one care
Bed looking comfy for the 1 percent up their
Other 99 still hungry for what’s fair
15 percent couldn’t even afford bus fair
Media tell it if you got and you get it
G’head throw it all in the air
G’head throw your hands in the air
Light I plant blow it up in the air
What’s your stance? really not that I care
Make em dance surely get on the air
But I’m the type to relax go into rehab
RIP to Amy upstairs from relapse
All stars burnout in China Marbury and T-Mac
Where the herbal tea at? where the loyalty at?
Will it be back? Where that Big Boi and Three Stacks?
Just a rap fan tryna vibe out
Bump it in the whip then ride out
As another night owl

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3]
Sleep pattern fucked up
Beat pattern fucks up
Weak rapper dumb fucks
We have to unplug
And look at all the bigger picture
Paint a better scene make em all drink the mixture
Fifth of henny or go and plead your fifth amendment
What it seems, you may have to go reconsider
Off the power these motherfuckers steady tripping
But in the hours yall sleep
We getting loaded and ready for whatever is given
See we battle born since the very beginning
Battles we chose and the battles that we were picked in
But did I mention that we keep the peace keep it cool
Only need a tool if we really needed to
I guess we new to you
But the years spent to even give you a clue
Is nothing but unusual
All the rhymes that we write down
Straight from the mind power
No days off just a night owl



from Loyalty, released November 19, 2013
(M. Munoz) (BMI)
Produced by MOOSE
Recorded & Mixed by MOOSE in Las Vegas, NV
Contains samples from "Dreamflower" by Tarika Blue


all rights reserved



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