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No Introduction

from by MOOSE



life's a game with no real winners
only prize, the trophy within us
hold the fries and go get the sit ups
you can try but im the only contender
no need to be trained, no need for diet
this tape is free man, no need to buy it
this song was free hand, no need to write it
new song you demand i will prescribe it
No Ambitions mixtape February
other LPs just seem secondary
and my work ethic, focus gettin scary
cuz im birthin new verses, c-serian
c-section, cut this game open
i dont need a record a deal cuz the fame's bogus
so i pick and roll it
like my name B. Jennings and i dish to Bogut
flow deep as oceans
no need for Kobe, no Laker shit
no interruptions, no Taylor Swift
in the doctor's room learning what patient is
got my vision clear, no lasic bitch
and im just chillin
dope rapper, and i dont have to drug deal it
i got one mission
do it just like no other one done did it, like a Doug Williams
get one billion listeners to play my shit
or by 2060 they got my greatest hits
just amazing shit
i prolly wont live to see a playstation 6
but ima keep makin it, long as you playin it
i'm finna stay in this, ignore my laziness
no way im trading this
me, you, and music a threeway relationship


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
samples: "no deposit no return" by roy ayers
produced by: MOOSE
writers: M. Munoz
mix & master: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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