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MOOSE x EPonym x Jofred Estilo x Viberoc - No Mercy

from by MOOSE

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I don't drive a Lambo, I don't got no Mercy
You might see me in my camo, plus I got my jersey
I don't drive a Lambo, I don't got no Mercy
Reaching through my camo, yeah ya girl she kinda thirsty

...i still think im the shit
if you think different, welllll you can suck ma dick
say im bad say im at it, tell em atticus flipped
oh olive oil! ill eat that pussy like my spinach
first she blow the oh.. then she blow a kiss
I hit the fridge before i dip, im the only one she miss
Yeah im such an asshole, say it as if thats all
i spent too many years being bashful,
(now this) bachelor got flashy words,
who be dat,
easily the meanist, casual and genius
that right there thats mr green and
bet i talk shit better, halk spit clever
walk this with a taught grin, blender where i tossed sin, lemonade up on my sweater
(yeah) i know i know were dying every minute, whats to lose
the fuck i gotta prove... who are you?
for my city, for my crew, up that mountain, take that view
above the clouds
dont look down, now thats just what i do

[MOOSE hook]

[MOOSE bridge]
She was feeling all alone, you be leaving early
I just got her in zone, she ain't did you dirty
Even when she offered dome, I still dropped her home
I quit wrecking homes, you ain't gotta worry

[Jofred Estilo]
I ain't really got shit, but bet you been fuckin with my shit
you bop bitch, give me 400k from a deal better bet I make it all flip
I don't drive no lambo but yes I whip that Nissan
and I ain't got no mercy but I bet your ass get beat down
hand to the sky, you give it to god
you listen to Biggie, you ready to die
Momma said I'm too high, better get a new job
but I'm good with these raps and I'm finna do fine
better know I'm on boy, hittin that green like Bulbasaur
you bound to fall, get it all destroyed
gonna hit that lick til I'm out the door
get kicked back with a quick jab
get whiplash with your bitch ass
get your chick fast with a sick track
say your ass got Kim Dashed
I been steady traveling sort of like that word do
with a chick smuggle herb too, she just hides it in her hurr do
I ain't rap for free, better add a fee
You rappers weak better add a beat
been way to HI, better add a C
from the city of the CHI, head assery
What you done did, I done done before
with a bunch of smoke til my lungs'll choke
and an abstract art school hipster looking type of chick
that tumblr hoe

Yeah stepping into the function with a whole bunch of drunken misfits getting my drinks at a bar with a bomb broad
on my arm lit getting kissed with her cherry red lipstick
blasted, this shit right here is a classic
never spill my beer when I'm active
on the dance floor getting trashed with your chick, damn she's ratchet
yeah me and my team is so merciless with this spit everybody give a round of applause
high like a jet, ride with the best, live in effect, even got your girl droppin her jaws
Dropping her pants, working her dance, shit, talk about her top coming off
she's placing her hands in the same place and the same way where my doctor tells me to cough
aint it nuts? Damn it sucks, how you lames cant stay in the lanes with us
or even play the game with us
everybody here knows that we came to crush
mics to dust, slice with a knife to gut, over beats that we treat like a type of slut
Y'all better back down when your time is up or find yourself blind at the shine of us
huh, not giving any type of fucks
middle fingers out get em high enough
and send it to the folks that'll never go to a show thinking that we won't blow up from the sight of us
i dont give a shit you should know by now what the business is
just give us our money with a little bit of interest
now how's that for some mercy bitch


from miscellaneous MOOSE tracks, track released September 11, 2012
produced by MOOSE
contains samples from


all rights reserved



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