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Paper feat. KJ Eclipse

from by MOOSE



[Verse 1 - MOOSE]
as a southpaw its hard to get you paper right
it only come some days like a Laker white
hopin for sweet dreams when you say goodnight
but the future looks grim tryna take your life
cant reap the benefits like a suicide
Like a gold diggin bitch wait for you to die
Your a fool if you thinking that you decide
Anything that you would like thinking they do provide
Like a message to Shake and Meka
tryna play this game better, you’re a fool thinking that they do reply
you can send a lotta letters
you may think it but the taste will never change, Dr. Pepper
sippin slow my ass
all these rappers getting dough? My ass
stick to the rapper code my ass
i'm still no rapper just flowin for time pass
No ambition, I see no paper up in this shit
But still I keep spittin
I don’t have to be the greatest
As long as i don’t end up just bein the latest

[Verse 2 - KJ Eclipse]
We be coppin whips like bentlies, Lambos with the open tops
Bottles of the champagne, henney, And the chains with the coldest rocks
Flossin cuz we call the shots, Run this block til they call the cops
Have us stopped in the parking lot, Wit 2 Glocks cocked and a body drops...
Hold it stop!
Son don't complain now you not that slave
They took that whip that chan, gave you change, now you saved
Homie use your brain, You could've died today
Just let it go, you got your soul, why you want that pay?
It's like we caught in a cycle of sellin life for that right to
Quit 9 to 5' when we'd like to so we don't have to be like who
Society calls the working class
The crew to bust their ass and see that money go fast
See the money won't last, so take that time with that paper son
I know you want that car, that broad, but they fatal done
But yo I ain't the one, rapper true, faking none
I spit for funds just for fun I ain't gotta front
And I know it's hard to digest, but I might just be the brightest
Rapper without that piece to blind your iris
As I write this I just think how paper's timeless
And I find it hard to believe how it breaks us down and binds us


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
produced by: Juanito
writers: M. Munoz, K. Reid
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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