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Talkin Revolution feat. TariqStar

from by MOOSE



i need a break but, i'd rather breakthrough
make some groundbreaking shit you can relate to
paint a picture where we all can escape to
start a revolution that we all could make through
a split second decision could make or break you
so no take 2's, just take it straight through
head and shoulders over posers and fake dudes
selenium or blimps over stadium
create thoughts and ideas in your cranium
so crazy make these haters more afraid of them
any occasioning, I’ll go catering
make em say oh man! with no Damien
broke transmission, roll downhillin
no ambitions, no damn gimmicks
lets go right for it, Juan my assistant
I go Mike Jordan, he’ll be my Pippen
No Ambitions it’s a revolution
Once you get a clue in, we’ll never lose it
Do this music for the love
We nerds and computer bugs
fucka yes you better get used to us
there is really, really nothing you could do to us
nothing you can take away to get us truly fucked
cuz we Rhode Scholar pimps business suited up
holding drinks, so gifted while zooted up
No Ambitions, no admissions
If you wanna join, just have a listen
Live life with a purpose and a passion
and know that dreams only work if you have one


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
featuring: TariqStar
produced by: Juanito
writers: M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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