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Time To Set Sail [prod. by Juanito & MOOSE]

from by MOOSE

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track 9 from the album LOYALTY


Yo is you with it?

Is you all the way with it?


All the way lifted up
With some great individuals
All the way with it ever minute they remain with us
Regardless of the location of what the basis was
We congregate at elevation space stations up
Houston your radio wave signal is breaking up
Ain’t got no problem here
We been to the bottomless
With no hope or acknowledgement
But we still got up out that bitch
Easy to keep it real when everybody counterfeit
Pursuing happiness, still yet to have found the bitch
But I’m just happy I’m pursuing what my passion is
Not into lavishness, but bet I stack my chips
Busting every bracket predicted by all them sack of shits
Hope they all mad as shit, fuck em, they all could blow me
Like look at what this bastard did mastered the ceremony
While they mastered being phony
I wrapped up all my masters as a perfect polygrapher
I ain’t trusting what they told me
You only know me, but trust me dawg we ain’t homies
You only got the shoes, you ain’t balling like you Kobe
Don’t get out of pocket, you get sacked into a coffin
Being fake and being lame a terrible concoction
All in your DNA, wearing it like a badge
It’s almost time for me to sail and start to count to back
To activate all the afterburners on blast
Blast off and blow past 5 layers of gas
Pedal stuck on turbo til we get up to the Thermosphere
It’s almost time to start the show swing the curtain clear
We persevere cause persecution is hell
Just a prisoner to the mission as I lie in my cell
Shit, won’t let the thoughts of quitting kill the rhymes that I tell
Ain't no question learned the lessons from the time that I've failed
I can’t die in this hell so fuck tryna exhale
I don’t know about you but it’s time to set sail


from Loyalty, track released August 13, 2013
contains samples from: "Gatekeeper" by Fiest
produced by: MOOSE & Juanito
writers: M. Munoz
recorded in Las Vegas, NV


all rights reserved



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