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Love is like the smell of fresh kicks out the box
Last day of school, hear the last tick out the clock
Love is like the taste Grape Drink when you thirsty
And you party all night, fuck wakin up early
Love is like when you win the Super Bowl
when you can distinguish a wifey from a super hoe
when you flip a dollar in return you get 2 of those
and Katrina hollas, cuz she giving up Super Dome
love is like running playin tag, fallin on your ass
then your momma put a band aid, move along
love is like an upgrade, to the brand newest phone
and you go call who else, damn Cupid’s phone
damn Cupid dawg, homie what you up to?
[Man nothing much brah, what is it I must do?]
Now I got my girl here, could you spice my love dude?
[Man love is what im all about, yes I’d love to]
Love is like friendship set ablaze
A written down poem wrote in pen you cant erase
like a nice Sunday at Costco, get a taste
love you cant shoot down Rondo in ya face
feelin so dope, roll ganja to your name
no matter whats wrong, you know you cant complain
cuz you feelin high up on top the game
like a press box luxury suite, where the head honcho gettin brain
but to keep it honest, there is plenty drama
dealin with love, is like swimmin with pirannhas
if she give massage today, none tomorrow
if she super sweet, tomorrow she a monster
if you Sinatra, next day you Urkel
things never pan out the same, like Herschel
big ass deal, heavy one sided
like a thick cashier, serving kid ass meals
but you still eat it, regardless if you need it
cuz love's like the weekend, it doesnt come frequent
love is like anything, it could be the corniest
but if you play it right, then she could be the horniest


from No Ambitions [Remastered Edition], released December 8, 2010
samples: audio excerpt from the film "Anchorman"
produced by: MOOSE
writers: B. Danoff, W. Ferrell, M. Munoz
mix & mastering: MOOSE


all rights reserved



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