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World B. Free [prod. by Juanito & MOOSE]

from by MOOSE



track 3 from the album LOYALTY


I ain’t out here tryna be the coolest in the streets dawg
I’m tryna be me
(I'm tryna be me)
I ain’t out here tryna be the coolest in the streets hoe
I'm tryna be me
Shit I’m just tryna ball ‘round the whole world and be free
I’m just tryna be me
(I'm tryna be me)
I ain’t out here to keep it PC
Keep it real man I’m tryna be me

[Verse 1]
Shit I’m just tryna stay cool and get through global warming heat
Going hard since ’91 starving tryna eat
Rhyming frequently through all the frequencies
Steady on the grind steady on the Q’s and P’s
So go remove your focus from you preconceived notion
That we some well promoted weak emcees
Not a bogus first overall picked Bogut
More like 83 Akeem or pick number 3
You Sam Bowie’s think you cold? Go kick some heat
We shall see if you really go with what you speak
Until then we rolling leaves, talking heaps of pine
I’m talking OG or blue dream to free the mind
Smear the lean on the paper, I’ll be sleeping fine
Focused on the goal, to see my family recline
And to wake up on time to see the early morn
To make sure the beat is perfect and the verse is hard
And even if the circle small
Each and everyone here is loyal just to working hard
Had to drop the disloyal, they ain’t worth my all
Why burn the bridge, I only burn what’s worth a spark
Like if the green is sticky or the purple strong
Fire in my lungs spitting inferno bars
Light up the green sticky or the purple strong
Working hard knowing that whole world is ours


[Verse 2]
Shit I’m just tryna be me gahdammit
Make a bunch of LPs and leave this planet
Rap to alien beings who don’t speak language
Whoever in the universe I reach gahdammit
Wherever in the universe, I wreak havoc
Chilling like a nebula, blowing gas kicking dust
See it in my retina, chiefing on medical
Til I reach my hydrostatic equilibrium
I begin stellar evolution
No need for any new year’s resolution
Win some and lose some, had to keep it moving
Had to get back to the plan then to execute it
While others seek the fame and the restitutions
Others copy and paste to be the next to do it
But somehow in this chase for something so great
I realized I mainly do it cause I love to do it
I’m talking bout this damn music
I’m talking bout this damn movement
Went back to the mind state, from the first tape
We ain’t talking raps, we just talking revolution
I’m talking bout doing cause we do it
Schooling these hooligans
Ruining influencing stupid on students and proving
The only thing left to do is to start the revolution



from Loyalty, released November 19, 2013
(M. Munoz; J. Flores) (BMI)
Produced by Juanito & MOOSE
Recorded & Mixed by MOOSE in Las Vegas, NV


all rights reserved



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